First, Laura’s Sister:
Ana Rocha
Born in 1977, passed away July 2, 2009. A resident of Santa Rosa, CA. Memorial Service will be held Friday, July 10th at 3:00 p.m.Vertical Call Church, 920 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa, CA. Donations requested in lieu of flowers to cover expenses. For information contact Brenda Reynoso (mother), 526-0807.
Then, Toys R Us Co-Worker known for “500”:

Judy Hernandez

Passed away Sunday, June 28, 2009 at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Judy was born in Whistler, AL and was a lifelong resident of Sonoma County. She is survived by her children, Joe Sullivan of Stockton, CA Alan Hernandez and Jerry Gonsalves, both of Santa Rosa, CA; Reno Arias of La Puente and Judy Luna of Mesa, AZ. Sister of Marilee Sullivan and Rita Yee, both of Cotati, CA. She is also survived by four stepchildren all in Texas; seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Judy loved playing bingo, spending as much time as she could with her grandkids and family, her favorite job was at Toys R Us because of the kids. Friends and family are invited to attend a Memorial Service, Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. at Eggen & Lance Chapel, 1540 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa. Memorial donations may be made to the B of A Bank, Account #0043100616. Arrangements under the care of: SANTA ROSA MORTUARY EGGEN & LANCE CHAPEL, 545-3747

Long overdue, but before next year…..

Well, this year has been fun, I guess.

I have been promoted to World Leader at Toys R Us, making $11 an hour, then got a raise to $11.06 and hour, then transfered to San Rafael, another raise ($14/hour), transfered back to Santa Rosa to night crew ($12/hour), got a job at the Home Depot for $11/hour as a regular cashier ($11.50 in mid-Feb), quit Toys R Us, and now have a chance to become Front End Supervisor for god only knows how much an hour. Also leaving TRU with the thought that it may very well be closing soon. We will see.

The beginning of the year is a bit of a blur really, lets see if I can recall…. I was single for New Years and stayed that way until about April as far as I can see and I started dating this guy Laura set me up with, Charles. He was kewl, but it went down hill pretty quickly. In the end all I got out of the relationship is one season of Queer as Folk lost, and SCABIES. Bastard! That lasted about two months, then I was single again and went back to chatting online with folk and met back up with Anthony Aquila. So I met up with him again after Beth, Laura and I went to Disneyland in Mid-August. August 30th was his B-Day, and it was fun. We are still together and things are were a little hairy there for a while, but things are looking up, so we will see where things go.

This year I would have to say I have been more alone than I have been friends-wise for a long time. I am not sure if I like it or not. A customer said to me today that people need to find a balance in life, and I am not sure I have ever had a balance in my life with anything. Everything in my life seems to be an extreme. Beth has fucked a lot (what else is new?), Laura has an imaginary boyfriend, and thats it. I have “work buddies” that I talk to, but no real friends at work. God, I want more friends – but how with as little time I have in general.

My brother Darin (aka – Turkey Brother, now Georga Brother) has moved from Turkey to Maken, GA. He calls a lot more now, and we will be able to visit him soon so I can see my neice and nephew. Then I will have seen my neice from out of town more then my neice that lives in town with “baby’s momma” (aka – Bitch woman from which there is no escape). My mom has been having more and more “health” problems that she won;t go to the doctor and get checked out. Kevin has been busy doing god only knows what in the world, and Jimmy. Don’t get me started. ALL FINANCIAL PLANNERS SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT AND SHOT. Or, at least, Jimmy should have a brain of his own to make decisions, like spend money when you need to, and save the rest, not save everything no matter what. His budget rules his checkbook, and it is DUMB!!!

I have been up and down. Beginning of 2004 was good. I was at Disneyland!!! Then I was working, got promoted, made tons of money, got into a good relationship, I should be happy. Generally though, I think that I am not as happy as I want to be. I want a new TV that doesn’t suck. I want a boyfriend that isn’t so moody about the small little shit that doesn’t matter. I want friends that don’t cause drama. I want a group of friends like I did in High School. I want adventure. I want fun. But, as in Stand by Me: “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?” I want a healthy mom. I want a sober brother. I want a smart boss, not Jane the dumbass. I want to have money to accomplish my goals. I am just not seeing any of it happpening in the near future.

Next year:
I think that next year might be better. I am planning no less than four (4) trips to Disneyland for the 50th Anniversary, which always makes me feel better, I will be making more. I may be FES at Home Depot, and my debt may get paid off. (Except for the car, that is 2006)

Well, that is enough for this year, later all…….


P.S. – I may unlock my Journal on my private site soon, just because I like the layout better.


Well, Toys R Us screwed me out of a week of my two weeks notice pay, but it is not the first time TRU has screwed me. (Work Ethic = -5) Oh, well. I still have a lot of money to use on various things, which makes me happy. Anthony and I should be hanging out with eachother more in the coming days considering that I only have one job now, instead of two. Relationship = +5

Something interesting that I found out from an unamed source is that Beth has actually slept with a lot of people from TRU. I was just joking about it with everyone that she was sleeping with the whole staff, but it looks like she actually was. What the hell? Oh, well, it is her life and if she wants to be seen by everyone as a slut, then so be it. Respect = -4

I will have enough money soon to pay back Laura for her kindness of buying me a replacement iPod after mine took a crap on me a couple of weeks ago. Happiness = +3

I has a lot of my Christmas shopping done after one day of shopping. Anthony is finished, I know what I am getting Jimmy, but still have to buy it, I have no idea for Kevin or my mom, and I still have to buy for my brother Brian, but I know what I am going to get him too. (Planning = +5, Christmas = +8, Money = -3)

I have been scoring on this post to see how much I am ahead or not, so lets see: -5+5=0-4=-4+3=-1+5=4+8=12-3=9
Total – = 12 (thanks to work, Beth and X-Mas shopping)
Total + = 21 (thanks to Relationship, happiness, planning and Christmas)
So my overall score is +9


Well, work is getting much better than it has been for a while. I have worked as the only other manager on duty with Gerald (the store direct) for the past two nights. I FINALLY got the combo to the safe (which is annoying, considering how often I have had to access the safe recently) and TODAY I FINALLY got my keys. I have had to use Service Desk keys since I worked there, now I have my very own set! I don’t ever need to look for keys anymore! I am EXTREMELY happy. Emily stopped by today, which also made me really happy, but she didn’t stay very long. Val showed me how to make a shelf conform to a layout sent by corprate. Beth, Laura and I have been VERY open with eachother lately, and venting a lot to eachother, which has been good, I suppose. I don’t really have anything else to say, so I won’t….



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Well, in addition to that, I once again have been promoted back to where I think I am best, a management position at my work. It is kind of funny – the title is WORLD LEADER. Well, I will be getting paid more than I was before (at Roxy), and have more responsibility, and have certain employees that are exclusevely mine. I am VERY HAPPY.

Here we go again….

Well my new job is just getting better and better. I love all the people that I work with, except for one. The guy that I had referred to in earlier posts has a girlfriend, and I was later informed that nobody at my cuurent place of employment was gay except for me, and this on other guy, who is nice, but I am just not attracted to him. BTW: I don’t work at Old Navy, but maybe I should? I also DO NOT work at ANY fast food location. I would kill myself before I would work at one of those. Anyways, c u all l8tr..

PS – Beth I just got my SFC today, they are REALLY comfortable!!

“Cool Beans”

Well I awoke this morning and went and did laundry which had been piling up for quite some time. I washed my car (finally) and then went to my JC counseling appointment. My counselor was helpful in telling me what I needed to do. I am going to be taking a lot of classes that *sound* really kewl. I hope that they are all going to be as fun as they sound. They are all general education classes. I am happy with that. I also switched car insurance companies today from Progressive to GMAC Insurance, because I have my car loan from them, they gave me a good deal, and since my last ticket was over 36 months ago, I also got the good driver discount!! That is really funny actually *right Beth?*

I get to go to work at 6AM tomorrow morning and see if I remember what I was taught yesterday. I think I will, it is pretty simple stuff. Also my car registration will only be $156 instead of $388 which is what it was going to be until “Ahhhnold” repealed it when taking office. Good stuff. Cya later all…..

Hey again

I love my new job. The people are “kewl” and my job is really fun. I am glad that every job that I have ever had has been fun. I picked up a lot of the things I was being trained on really quickly. It takes a while to get used to new things especially when your old job used to have the same type of tasks, but now there are new ways to do the same thing.

A fun story from my job is this one girl came up to me and asked if I was going to be trained as a manager, because of my experience, and I told her I didn’t know. This other guy that I have been working with quite a lot said that if I was going to be a manager of anything, he wanted me to manage his area. I talked to management about this, and they said that a position may come open soon, and I could probably easily move into it. BTW: It would be managing that guys area! I thought that that was cool.

I hope that everyone else is doing good. Waking up at 6AM hasn’t been as hard as I expected that it would be. I have to go to the JC today and talk to a counselor about what classes I will be taking next semester, and how to go about getting financial aid. We will see how that goes. I have to get some more money from Kevin and Jimmy to pay some of my bills, because I will not get paid until next Friday. The kewl thing about my new job is we get paid weekly which is nice.

Cya’all later…