Feeling MUCH better

Well, after having the last few days to rest, I am feeling MUCH better than I have felt in the last few weeks. The time off of work and rest (mostly sleeping in and staying in bed) did wonders for me. I also spent the time cleaning up some files on my computer, organizing music in my iTunes to work better with syncing on my iPhone.

Beth is away visiting her dad in Spokane Washington and she will be back after the weekend. Kohl went to donate plasma and both times that he went it has turned out to be troublesome. The first day he almost passed out because of the guy next to him bleeding all over the place. The second time it was an issue because he wasn’t well enough hydrated. He will be more hydrated next time he goes so he can complete a donation.
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Working while I’m sick

Well, I am not feeling well for like the third day in a row, but I have to go to work to run the front end tonight. I want to stay home in bed and rest so I can work for Sonic.net tomorrow, but I am having this feeling that may not happen as when I go to work, I come home and can hardly talk and 99% of my job at Sonic.net is talking. We will see how it goes tonight and see if I have to call and tell Sonic.net that I can’t work, which sucks because I get WAY more money for Sonic.net than I do for ShopKo, but I am more crucial to ShopKo because I am the only one available to close the front end down tonight.

Oh, well.


Well, I have spent the last few days moving my site back to Sonic.net. Gee, it has had such a wild ride. It has gone from LiveJournal to Sonic.net to my own server then to WordPress.com and now back to Sonic.net. The reasons that I moved back to Sonic.net were pretty simple really. First, while WordPress.com was WAY faster than my old machine and auto-updated, it was not very customizable (at least not as much customization as I wanted). Second, Sonic.net updated all of the member tools so you can do your own DNS edits, installed a one-click installer for WordPress with auto-updates and the best part – I get it for free as a Sonic.net employee.

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Let the Sparks Fly, Its July 4th!

Well, the last few days have been interesting.

On the 3rd, I was feeling down because I haven’t been talking to Chris much the last couple of days, and I was being overly paranoid and crazy about it. I miss him. I have never felt so much for someone and to have them leave was very sad. I really don’t know how to deal with it, so my pirates have been fighting a lot lately. Maybe I need to see a counselor?

Anyway, I texted Chris that I wanted to hear from him more and that I felt like he wasn’t putting in the effort, which he took as me not believing that he truely cared. I know he does, I am just going through this emotional episode that I have never experienced before. So, we had our first fight where he hurt me pretty bad. I got off the phone with him and felt like SHIT! So, I was still going to go with Beth to Players (the La Crosse gay bar that I like downtown) and have a drink and play some pool.
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Post

So my last post about things almost went in the completely wrong direction when Chris read it. Just in case it came off that way to others, let me clear it up.

I learned (finally) that I will never (and should never) find a relationship like I had with Danniel. It failed for a reason; it wasn’t right. What I am having with Chris is completely different and so far it is great! He isn’t replacing anyone and I’m not trying to make it into that at all. We are happy together in a completely new and different relationship that is not like anything else.

We are very happy right now and plan to be for the foreseeable future.

On to a new topic; Indiana Jones! So, Chris, Beth and I are going to see this today and I am super excited! I know that I will not be the only one at the theatre this time as Beth is coming with me as is Chris. Plus neither of them would stand me up ;).

Oh, that reminds me – Nicole, Jared’s old best friend started working at Shopko again yesterday and it was a little awkward at first UNTIL Jared came in to do a return and I had to help him at the desk and he mumbled to his mom on the way out that “everyone here hates me”. So it is true; they aren’t friends anymore.

So I approached Nicole and found out the story. Apparently he fucked a couple of other guys over like he did to me! THEN – he fucked Nicole, his most loyal and best friend, over too! What an ass. Oh, and get this – the reason that she didn’t like me other than everything that happened to Kohl? Jared claimed that I practically RAPED him! WTF? Ok, if that was the case, then why did you come back again and THEN start dating me? Asshole.

I learned a lot of lessons here so far and I think it has finally lead me to where I need to be and who I need to be with (everyone, not just Chris).

Days like this….

Man, oh man, what a last couple of days! I am so happy to have the next 2 days off. Yesterday, Tim from Shopko called me at 7:15 AM to have me come in because Lisa called out. I didn’t answer because it is 7:15 in the fucking morning. He leaves a message and I listen to it and try and go back to bed, but can’t. I have a headache and I am not able to get back to sleep. So I get up, go online and putz around all morning. Tim then calls again at like 10:30AM on the house line trying to get ahold of my mom to wake me up and come in. I answer and tell him no, I have to go and see Narnia at like 12:30 with friends.

Well, now that I am awake with little sleep (because I spent the previous night having glorious conversation with Chris until 2:30AM), I need to start getting ready to go and see Narnia at 12:20ish. So I get showered and dressed and head out about 12:15, a little late because I could not find my keys. I get lost on the way to the theatre (yeah, I know, I suck!), and am 10 minutes late (12:40 instead of 12:30 and I don’t see Dan or Mindy.
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She knew it all along!

Wow, so I almost had an issue with money recently. I got all the money for all the bills from my mom and Kohl, and then I went and wrote the rent check and water bill check and then spent the rest. Thank god for the tax rebate check! So I got that and my pay check and went online and paid all the bills and still have some money left over!

In other news, I have been getting more hours at Shopko and a raise at Sonic.net. I have been working more and more for Sonic.net in the last couple of weeks and I forgot how much I liked it! I have only logged like 6 hours last paycheck and already logged 6.5 hours this week for the next two week pay period. At this rate, I should have like 12-15 hours for this check, which is pretty good!

Also, I FINALLY found “Fazoli Boy” online and am chatting with him over text and IM. His real name is Chris and he seems pretty cool. He IS gay like I thought! There was a time where I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to look like a douche and ask. Then, tonight, I find out that after months of speculation about this guy, Whitney knew him all along! Damn it! I guess I should just ask around more. He might be coming to my party on the 30th like everyone else should do!

That was the other exciting thing to happen – Beth and I chose a date for the “Spring Fling” – May 30th (a Friday) when all the schools should be out and it is on a weekend so that should help. The only thing that may put a wrench into the works is that Shopko is having inventory on June 3rd and they are starting to deny time off to people. Oh, well, it will probably work out like it always does. I hope everyone can come. Well, I want to get dressed for bed and watch some TV, so this will have to do for an update tonight.

I’m Alive!

Ok, I am sorry for taking such a long time to update this site. I have just been too damn busy lately to really do much of anything. I have been working a lot, hanging out with friends and just running errands as well as trying to catch up on some sleep to really do anything else!

As you can tell, I didn’t die working the longest weekend ever. It was actually quite fun. Lately at work, I have been going between two stores; Onalaska (my store) and North (the other store). Northside Shopko has been going through a lot of changes recently and a bunch of people have left so they needed some more people to help out when they were looking for replacements. So I have been going over there to be their service desk and CSS 1-3 days a week. The last couple of weeks it has only been 2 days at my store and the rest at North.

Jay was right though; when you go to another store and come back to your own store, you appreciate it all the more!
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If I Survive

If I survive this weekend at work, I will be back to write another post. Otherwise, so long! I am working today (Friday) from 3:30PM to 10:15PM, then I go home and come back at 8AM to 10PM (yes, the whole day) and work, then go home and come back at 7:30AM and work until 10:00PM (again, the whole day) and then come back at 8AM on Monday and work until 4:30. So, I work at ShopKo all weekend. I put myself in this position and look forward to the challenge of it all. Plus it makes it so I have enough hours to pay all my bills and stuff. The other upside is that I am working my two favorite places in the store – CSS and Service Desk. I am excited to work all these hours. At least I will know what is going on all weekend at the desk.

In other news, I am sick yet again. Not as bad as last time, but still have the body ache and stuffed up nose. On the flip side, it is getting really nice outside. Yesterday it was 53 out and we didn’t need our jackets! Also all the ugly snow is melting, so that is a plus! The dogs won’t go out into the back yard however because the snow has turned to water and there is so much of it that the ground can’t soak it all up and they don’t want to walk on it.

Well, I need to get ready and get going here. I need to eat and shower. I guess I don’t have the time to call my boss at Sonic.net for my review yet. It will have to wait until Tuesday.

Oh, and that person still keeps visiting my site! Why? I just want to know. It is coming from the umn.edu domain. I can only think of two people that it could possibly be. Register and tell me why or send me an e-mail. Thanks!

Piano in just 3-6 years…

Well, I have taken up playing the Piano. I started lessons with Elizabeth from ShopKo on Wednesday. Since then, I learned to play Ode to Joy. I am sure that isn’t all that great, but I am pretty pleased with myself. I have another lesson from her today at 1:30 and am super excited. On Wednesday, she said that I was doing better than she expected and I was picking stuff up quite quickly. I hope to learn enough about playing so I can play something at Beth’s wedding in August. I would like to play Fur Elise from Beethoven or maybe the Moonlight Sonata. I did some research online and people say that if you stay dedicated, you should be able to learn enough to play well in 6 months to a year, and play great in 3-6 years. I hope to beat that. I want to play great in 1-2 years. If I stay dedicated and have enough time to practice, I think I can. My goal is to be able to play the Maple Leaf Rag.

Jay let me borrow his keyboard to practice with, but I want to get a full size keyboard to play on eventually. I have noticed that some of the exercises require the full amount of keys and Jay’s has only 61 keys.

In other news, I have been trained on CSS (Customer Service Specialist (or is is Supervisor?)) at ShopKo. I am very happy to have all that knowledge now. Starting this next schedule (Sunday – Saturday), I will actually be scheduled in the front and not just CS Support which is just furniture carryouts, store janitorial stuff and general merchandise bitch work.

Here is Fur Elise in case you would like to hear it:

And here is the Moonlight Sonata:

Maple Leaf Rag: