All is well…

Well, I paid Laura $200 of the $930 that I owe her. I also got my Targus case for transporting my Mac Mini around. I quite like it. Also, work has been pretty good today. I was off for the past two days and on both of the days had outages. Both of which I probably would have worked through. That was my good karma points.

The setup on the back porch has become a lot better as well. I want to change it again though. I want to make it so I can see the sun light even more, but still have it so I can close it off from prying eyes and the cold when it happens. I may do this in the next couple of days.

I also have it so my schedule is having me close next week, just like I asked! That makes me happy. Speaking of Jobs, Laura is looking for a new job because she HATES Home Depot. I feel sorry for her, but Norma is a lazy bitch. Kohl is also thinking about getting another job because the Gap is giving him little or no hours, and he needs to make money to pay rent and have fun with (especially with summer just around the corner). I hope he finds something that he likes and actually pays ok.

Well, that is all for now!

Another overdue post

Well, again I am posting well overdue. I got the job at, and put in my two weeks notice at Home Depot. Sunday is my last day at the Depot, and I start working at Sonic tomorrow at 2!! I am very excited to be starting this job, and hope that I learn all that I need to know to hit the ground running.

Kohl went into his new job (The Gap) to fill out his paperwork and looked good when he went in too. I have been sick since I left work last night, and have spent most of the day in bed. Tomorrow will hopefully be better, as I have to go in to work do do training, and I can’t really miss that. Also, I hope that I can set up my workspace and play around on the net for a while before I have to leave. We will see.

Longest day ever…..

After waking up to go to work late, I was stuck in two hours of traffic to go to this Department Supervisor Training (DST) in San Rafael. I was an hour late to that, but so was everyone else!!

I go to my second interview with tomorrow. We will see how that pans out, hopefully they will hire me tomorrow AND hopefully they will pay me $11 or more per hour! Here’s hoping. Now I am going to go to bed and watch TV to wake in the morning and go to my interview at 11AM.

Waiting for my interview……

As I sit here bored out of my mind, with Laura next to me, I anxiously wait for my interview time of 5PM to come. What is going to happen? I have never been interviewed by the CEO of a company before….

In other news, I am no longer doing the schedule at Home Depot, after those bastards chewed my out for coming in on my DAY OFF to make the damn schedule, which I didn’t want to do in the first place!!!!!

UPDATE: I was not interviewed by the CEO, I was interviewed by Jasper Carter, not Dane Jasper. You can see my confusion.

My Birthday

My birthday was yesterday, and it was fun. Kohl, Laura and I went to San Francisco to hopefully go over to Alcatraz, but alas, they were sold out until Wednesday!! So we walked around Pier 39, ate some bad mexican food, walked around Fishermans Wharf and Ghiradelli Square, then drove over to the Metreon, where we ate dinner and walked around the shops. Afterwards, we came back to my place where we watched a great episode of Queer as Folk. Laura borrowed my car to go home because she didn’t have hers. On Saturday I purchased a nice watch for myself and I am pleased. 24 seems so damn old.

In other news, on Friday I went to this thing for my work called a DH Forum, which is a Department Head Forum, which is basically an interview for a DH position. I think I did fine, and hopefully I will know if I got it today. Maria just called and told me that I passed, how weird. I am happy. I am just worried about what department they are going to put me in. I want to stay in the front end, but I think they are going to try and place me elsewhere.

Finally a good sized update

So this morning I just woke up. It is 9:22 AM and I didn’t go to sleep until like 2 AM this morning, so why am I up? I had to piss badly. I have been drinking so much juice lately that I can’t stop pissing.

So this update I have determined is going to be long, all encompasing and overall annoying to myself and others. Here are song lyrics that I would like to dedicate to Kohl (reminiscent of our first nights together):

I’m never shy but this is different
I can’t explain the way I’m feeling tonight
I’m losing control of my heart
Tell me what can I do to make you happy
Nothing I ever say seems to come out right
I’m losing control of my heart

And I wish that I could be
Another better part of me
Can’t hear what your thinking
Maybe if I just let go
you’d open up your heart

But I can’t read you
I wish I knew what’s going through your mind
Can’t touch you, your heart defending I get left behind
I can’t reach you
I wish I knew what’s going through your mind
Can’t touch you, your heart protecting I get left behind

I like you so much I’m acting stupid
I can’t play the game I’m all intense and alive
I’m losing control of my heart
I’m not supposed to be this nervous
I should play my hand all cool and calm
I can’t breathe
I’m losing control of my heart

And I wish that you could see
The other better parts of me
Feel this fire I’m feeling
Then you’d see me in control
And baby then you’d know

But I can’t read you
I wish I knew what’s going through your mind
Can’t touch you, your heart defending I get left behind
I can’t reach you
I wish I knew what’s going through your mind
Can’t touch you, your heart protecting I get left behind

I really like that song. I can’t read you sometimes Kohl.
Antoher song (I changed the lyrics to be gay):

You make my head start spinning around
And all I can ever hear is the sound
Of your heart beating in my ears
This boy has found another reason to sing
You’re reminding me of everything
That I hold dear in my heart

And I’m feeling elevated
Lifted to my highest dream
My whole world’s revolving in circles round your heart
You gotta be the one for me or else life makes no sense
So wrap your arms around me
Kiss me till I’m dead

A guy like you would take an army to find
How glad I am that you said you would be mine
standing there in the cold, dark night
Let me take you to the fields of the sun
How much it means to me that you are the one
That I hold here in my arms

Just Found this one:

Don’t want you looking at the stars tonight
I just want your eyes on me
I wanna be the only thing on your mind
I’ll be all you need

Don’t want you talking on the phone, don’t go out
I just want you here with me
Don’t want you spending time alone
Stay around, I’ll be all you need

Can’t you see you hold my heart in your hands
You own me, you own me
I need you to survive
I know I’m alive when you hold me
Hold me

Don’t want to share you with the stars in the night
I only want you to only want me
Now, then and forever
I’m even jealous of the sun in your eyes
I want you looking at me, only me
I want all your attention

Forgive me if I seem to need you too much
You illuminate my soul
Don’t think that I could breathe without your touch
You could never know

When I’m with you I’ve got nothing to hide
You know me, you know me
I need you to survive
I know I’m alive when you hold me
Hold me

Don’t want to share you with the stars in the night
I only want you to only want me
Now, then and forever
I’m even jealous of the sun in your eyes
I want you looking at me, only me
I want all your attention

I really like that one…

Now, a regularly scheduled update:
Again I state on here that next week I am being interviewed for Line Manager at work. Right. I will be getting $75 on my next paycheck for being cashier of the month for January, and if I turn in my merit badges I can get another $80 after taxes on my check. I am not sure what we are going to do for Laura’s birthday yet, and I would talk more about it on here, but she might be standing behind Beth when she is reading this, so no.

Recently I am very happy with photography. It puts me at peace and I think that I am fairly good at it. I wan’t Kevin’s camera soooo bad.

I need to start prepping for Disneyland on May 4-10. I need to start saving money and get a damn hotel room. I need $61 from Beth, Laura and Kohl and then I can book it. We also need to get our annual passports which are $329 each. I have to find out if Kohl is going to want one of those. What makes all this hard is that I have to pay $200 in taxes this year, and like $100 for my cell phone bill and still pay my car payments, pay off some creditors and save spending money. DAMN IT.

It will all work out, it always does. I had so much that I wanted to post about on here, but I can’t think of it, so I will post it later, when I remember. For now I will talk to y’all later.

Valentines day, and more stuff.

Well, since my last post on Feb 6, a lot has happened in my life. In no particular order…..:

I am still dating Kohl. I am falling for him more and more every day (if that is possible). On Sunday we went to the Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco and had good food. This was our Valentines Day dinner. We sat next to some drunk people who in the middle of dinner yelled that their friend liked pussy! It was funny. We also had this huge asian family that was celebrating their kids 18th birthday (she happened to be down with the syndrome). It was most ever fun times. On a side note to this, apparently Anthony was there that night, but didn’t eat there because the wait was too long, and one of Kohls work buddies saw us there on the balcony (possible kissing).

Work has been up and down. I am supposed to be interviewed for line manager this week (yeah, they keep saying that), but I am assured it is ACTUALLY going to happen this time. I failed my mystery cart, but it is okay, because it was planned to be that way (bastards).

Laura had a nervous breakdown about her birthday on a recent trip to the city, so that sucked.

I am not sure what else to talk about right now, because I need to shower and go to work, or I will be late. I will post more later, I hope.

Most evah gayness!!!

Well, today sucked ass. I had the shittiest day at work ever, then I went home and talked to JD and we (this includes Laura) decided to go and eat at Round Table with his new boyfriend Brandon. Brandon is really HOT. Anyway, I now have 2 gay male friends that I am not dating, which is really nice. It is kind of depressing though. I almost hit several objects in the road tonight (including another car, a piece of shrub, a deer and a plastic bag that looked like a piece of lumber. I hope tomorrow is better. How could it be worse.


This has been the most blindsiding crappy day EVER. First, at work the computers crashed and I helped three customers in 45 mins then they came back online. Then I got home and was going through stuff on my computer and found out that Anthony had been chatting online with people and having cyber sex with webcams on my computer while I wasn’t home and getting off. I feel so betrayed and cheated on right now. I have never had this horrible of a feeling in my life. Shit. 2005 is not being very good to me as of late. I hope the universe is happy. Another failed relationship, and it failed in the worst way.

My LJ icon looks at me as if to say: “There goes my relationship.”


Long overdue, but before next year…..

Well, this year has been fun, I guess.

I have been promoted to World Leader at Toys R Us, making $11 an hour, then got a raise to $11.06 and hour, then transfered to San Rafael, another raise ($14/hour), transfered back to Santa Rosa to night crew ($12/hour), got a job at the Home Depot for $11/hour as a regular cashier ($11.50 in mid-Feb), quit Toys R Us, and now have a chance to become Front End Supervisor for god only knows how much an hour. Also leaving TRU with the thought that it may very well be closing soon. We will see.

The beginning of the year is a bit of a blur really, lets see if I can recall…. I was single for New Years and stayed that way until about April as far as I can see and I started dating this guy Laura set me up with, Charles. He was kewl, but it went down hill pretty quickly. In the end all I got out of the relationship is one season of Queer as Folk lost, and SCABIES. Bastard! That lasted about two months, then I was single again and went back to chatting online with folk and met back up with Anthony Aquila. So I met up with him again after Beth, Laura and I went to Disneyland in Mid-August. August 30th was his B-Day, and it was fun. We are still together and things are were a little hairy there for a while, but things are looking up, so we will see where things go.

This year I would have to say I have been more alone than I have been friends-wise for a long time. I am not sure if I like it or not. A customer said to me today that people need to find a balance in life, and I am not sure I have ever had a balance in my life with anything. Everything in my life seems to be an extreme. Beth has fucked a lot (what else is new?), Laura has an imaginary boyfriend, and thats it. I have “work buddies” that I talk to, but no real friends at work. God, I want more friends – but how with as little time I have in general.

My brother Darin (aka – Turkey Brother, now Georga Brother) has moved from Turkey to Maken, GA. He calls a lot more now, and we will be able to visit him soon so I can see my neice and nephew. Then I will have seen my neice from out of town more then my neice that lives in town with “baby’s momma” (aka – Bitch woman from which there is no escape). My mom has been having more and more “health” problems that she won;t go to the doctor and get checked out. Kevin has been busy doing god only knows what in the world, and Jimmy. Don’t get me started. ALL FINANCIAL PLANNERS SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT AND SHOT. Or, at least, Jimmy should have a brain of his own to make decisions, like spend money when you need to, and save the rest, not save everything no matter what. His budget rules his checkbook, and it is DUMB!!!

I have been up and down. Beginning of 2004 was good. I was at Disneyland!!! Then I was working, got promoted, made tons of money, got into a good relationship, I should be happy. Generally though, I think that I am not as happy as I want to be. I want a new TV that doesn’t suck. I want a boyfriend that isn’t so moody about the small little shit that doesn’t matter. I want friends that don’t cause drama. I want a group of friends like I did in High School. I want adventure. I want fun. But, as in Stand by Me: “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?” I want a healthy mom. I want a sober brother. I want a smart boss, not Jane the dumbass. I want to have money to accomplish my goals. I am just not seeing any of it happpening in the near future.

Next year:
I think that next year might be better. I am planning no less than four (4) trips to Disneyland for the 50th Anniversary, which always makes me feel better, I will be making more. I may be FES at Home Depot, and my debt may get paid off. (Except for the car, that is 2006)

Well, that is enough for this year, later all…….


P.S. – I may unlock my Journal on my private site soon, just because I like the layout better.