Changes for the Site!

Again! Well, this time I updated to WordPress 3.0 and with that I changed themes and then changed themes again. I like this one and I have it all configured to work ok at the moment. I hope to add more to this site again (other than twitter updates). Eventually, when I have more time and I am not tired, I will make a post on how Minneapolis Pride was, my iPhone 4 experience and trying to swap roommates and/or move out.

First Theme!

So, this site is running my first ever (from scratch) WordPress theme.  It will need some more tweaking, but I wanted to get it up here.  Thanks to Kohl who made the header image.  Please comment on this post if you notice any bugs and I will fix them.  I have to work in less than 7 hours, so I am off to bed.  Thanks for reading.

My first website was back in 1998. My friends and I started a web design company called Mythgard Productions and created that site. Well, we stopped doing that and after high school, had forgotten all about it. My good family friend Kevin maintained the registration for it for a long time. He forgot to pay the renewal and we lost sometime around 2004?

Today, I was able to get it back finally! I have been keeping an eye on it for a long time and been waiting for the registration to expire and it finally did! So, now points to my blog here at and it is possible that I will put something else on there eventually, but for now I’m just glad that I have it back!

Site Update Part 2

Ok, so if you had an account on my site before, you will need to create a new one on here. There is no way for me to port all the users from my old site to this one. Just go here: and at the bottom (after you are done filling out your information, make sure that you check the “Just a username, please” option.

LAURA, BETH and KOHL: DO NOT do this yet. I have to move your domains over and when I do that, you will probably get user names. If not, I will let you know!

UPDATE: Laura and Kohl – I have ported your sites over. When you go to or, they go to the new servers. Laura, your login is 1randommexican with your “baby” password and Kohl yours is 4usepencil with your “goes here” password. Beth – I am still working on yours. Please do not update your old site anymore as I am porting it over. I will let you know when I am done!

Site Changes

I am probably going to discontinue my server colocated at this summer, so I have moved this domain over to and if it works out, I will move my other domains as well like, and as well. So the site may look a little different, but it should be a LOT faster than the old server. I am also in the process of moving all of my e-mail over from Fastmail to gmail and that is taking some time. Well, it is 1:50 AM, I should get some sleep while my e-mail copies over.

Oh, and if you created a user account on my old site, I will be moving all those over to this site, but haven’t done so yet.


So I was looking at my site stats, and it looks like someone keeps visiting from the domain. They seem particularly interested in my ex-boyfriend Jess and the posts I have made about him. If you could register on this site and leave a comment on who you are, that would be AWESOME!

I also see another domain pop up and wonder why this person (if I am right in guessing who it is) keeps coming to my site. You too can register and comment, or just e-mail me directly at

That is all for now.