No Longer Homeless?

Hello blog! It has been quite a while since I was on here blogging. I think that I have been spending a lot of my online energy involving my life in the vlogging area and not so much on my blog. I do need to keep posting stuff on here though as it is nice to look back on over time.

Currently, I am sitting at Riverside Park in my car, on my laptop using my MiFi to get online and write this. I love having this MiFi from Verizon to get online with almost anywhere.

They have started to put up the lights here in the park for the annual Rotary Lights. If it wasn’t so chilly, I would get out of the car and take some pictures with my camera, which I may still do. We will see. I will probably post some pictures on here as well if I do.
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So I changed my availability at work so I don’t work on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I think these days are going to be the days that I go to BioLife, which was the original reason for taking that time off, get back to vlogging on YouTube on those days and update my blog here. I need to do some stuff like this and get into some form of routine in my life. Kohl, Alex and I are also going to start this running routine soon. I just need to find the motivation to get up in the morning and do it.

When you are running, all the tips that I have seen online say that you should do it in the morning because you are burning calories and fat from your body and not any meal that you just ate. It also wakes you up, gets the blood pumping and you can take your morning shower afterward and not have to take an additional shower if you run in the evening. I am looking forward to getting back to running. I was feeling good when I was doing it about 6 months ago, but then I ran on a high humidity day and I almost died. That alone made me lose all motivation to run. Now that summer is winding down and fall is coming, it will be a good opportunity to pick it back up. I am not sure what I am going to do in the winter to keep it up. I’ll cross that snowy bridge when I come to it I suppose.

Now off to the People’s Food Co-Op to get these amazing energy bars that I had when Laura was here. They are expensive, but totally worth it!


So I am doing quite a few things now and soon that will be considered changes. First, I am going through all my MP3 files and tagging them all correctly and not all over the place like having the actual CDDB or similar tagging to the files. I also think that I am going to sort it out to the folders based on the album and/or artist. During this time I will be able to get the correct album cover art as well and make my collection nice and also get rid of duplicates.
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B&N Again

So I went with Beth and Kohl to Barnes and Noble again today and was planning on doing a bunch of tickets and stuff. I ended up checking my e-mail and seeing that Kelsey fixed some more Sontec issues and I got all wrapped up in looking through the Bugzilla reports and ended up doing nothing! Beth and Kohl read some books. Kohl read Would you rather and Beth read Almost Moon.

Kohl’s book was pretty funny. There were some chicks at B&N that were talking about the most boring and irritating stuff like their bills, their retirement and the economy. I don’t know why, but I kept hearing this lady’s voice over everything and I wanted to kill them and myself.

Live from B&N

So, as I was sitting at home today waiting to go to work after I are my breakfast of Cup ‘o Noodles, I decided that I needed to get out of the house and use this Boingo wireless account that I signed up for at the Minneapolis International Airport when we missed our flight going to Beth and Matt’s wedding. The nearest place was right up the street at the Barnes and Noble in the Valley View Mall.

So I got my ass up, showered and ready for work at 4:30, and went down to the mall. I then spent the next 5-10 minutes trying to find a parking spot. Aren’t we in a recession that makes everyone NOT spend money? Apparently not.

Once I got there, I noticed this hot guy at the registers (ringing people up) and as I sat here typing this, I have seen like 10 hot guys walk by. I think that I may want to come here and get out of the house more often, if only to see the hotness. Although, as Christmas comes along, it is going to get harder and harder to find a parking space, justify to myself the effort of waging war against the snow is worth it and all the crowds. We will see.

As a side note, this is the type of stuff that I have to know in order to download stuff off of the internet. Click here.


Well, I should be getting a lot more money considering that I am working 6 days a week now – 3 at ShopKo and 3 at It will be good in the end.

In other news I am really frustrated at the moment with Chris. We never spend any time together. He got back last Sunday and we saw eachother that night and Thursday morning. Saturday was out 2 month anniversary and we didn’t see eachother. Day after tomorrow will be a week since we last saw eachother and my birthday. He isn’t sure if he is going to have time.

What I don’t understand is why he had time to go to a dance club last night, hang out with his friends, etc and yet still no time for me. It is extremely frustrating. I love Chris to death. I have no doubt that he is the one, but even if he is, I can’t be in a relationship like this…

Let the Sparks Fly, Its July 4th!

Well, the last few days have been interesting.

On the 3rd, I was feeling down because I haven’t been talking to Chris much the last couple of days, and I was being overly paranoid and crazy about it. I miss him. I have never felt so much for someone and to have them leave was very sad. I really don’t know how to deal with it, so my pirates have been fighting a lot lately. Maybe I need to see a counselor?

Anyway, I texted Chris that I wanted to hear from him more and that I felt like he wasn’t putting in the effort, which he took as me not believing that he truely cared. I know he does, I am just going through this emotional episode that I have never experienced before. So, we had our first fight where he hurt me pretty bad. I got off the phone with him and felt like SHIT! So, I was still going to go with Beth to Players (the La Crosse gay bar that I like downtown) and have a drink and play some pool.
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A Glorious 4 Hour Movie!

So there hasn’t been too much to talk about in the last few days. Chris and I have hung out more and we really like each other. Kohl and his new guy are dating, which makes me happy. Kohl really needed to find someone who could make him happy and I hope that Jordan is that guy for him.

Today, Chris and I hung out for a good part of the day. I picked him up about 2, then we went to Pettibone Beach and we put our feet in the Mississippi and it was fun. Then, we went to Taco Bell and I got food and we went to my house and watched Disney’s EPCOT video. After that we cuddled and watched Disturbia. It was a glorious 4 hour movie! LOL! In the middle of it, we went over to Beth and Matt’s and had good hamburgers and played velcro ball or whatever you want to call it.

All of us had a chance to get in on the action, then Chris and I went back to my place and finished the movie and cuddled a little more. I got him home like 5 minutes late (I really need to work on that). All is well though. I need to write Chris a letter tonight because I want to and I told him I would. I may put it off until tomorrow as I will have the entire day off and not much to do. I will probably get the house prepped for the party on Friday.

I just had to call Beth to see if she would have the cooler and beer pong table ready tomorrow. They didn’t answer. I will need to see what time she works tomorrow. Well, that is a good enough update for now. I will update again before the party I hope, otherwise, I will update after that!