T-Minus 10 Days

Well, with only 10 days left before the “big move” Laura, Charise and I went to San Francisco yesterday. We had fun. We went to the Metreon, Old Navy, the Apple Store, Union Square, the Castro, the Embarcadero and Twin Peaks. We had a really good time. We ate at Harveys where I had this really good Ranch Wrap thing and the best salad that I have had in recent memory. I then proceeded to be a fat ass and go to Osaka Sushi and have some sushi.

I was going to post a bunch of pics here, but instead, I will just link you to the Flickr group: http://flickr.com/photos/mythgard/sets/72157602496715193/

In other news, tomorrow is my last day in the office at Sonic.net and the LAST DAY taking first tier support calls! I am SO happy about that! I will just have to do what we call new user callbacks which are tickets that get generated when a new account is opened so we can give them a call and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unfortunately, so many telemarketers have muddied the water that most of the time people think that we are trying to sell them something and they hang up on us. The ones who don’t love it though and that makes it all worth it.

Things that make Tage cry:

So, I went to MacWorld Expo on Tuesday, where, unless you are dead, you heard that Apple, Inc demoed the iPhone. This is a think of pure beauty. I saw this phone and it was SO far past anything that I was expecting. Anyone that is interested should really go to apple.com and look at Steve Jobs demoing it.

The letdown of the conference was the lack of Leopard updates (like a launch date or the “secret features”), updated iLife and iWork applications (to the ’07 versions), etc. I am actually releived that they didn’t because then I am MUCH happier with my MacBook purchase decision.

Rumor has it that they will be releasing these updates in the coming weeks, but didn’t want to over-shadow the iPhone announcement or vice versa. The iPhone is pretty sweet.

At the same time, they announced the “Apple TV”. I really like it, but don’t need it because I have my Mac Mini that I am using for the same purpose and it is actually more versatile. Man, Apple loves to release things that cost people like me their life savings.

After the MacWorld Expo, Laura, Charise, Richard and I went over to the 21st Amendment brewery and got a piece of Leo Laporte (pictures to follow). It was exciting.

On Wednesday, I cleaned up a lot of Kohl’s things and pretty muched moved him out of the room and put it together more like I wanted it to be. I now have a bed that is not on the floor and the room overall if much cleaner. I am pretty happy with it. I also hung out a little bit with Laura and Charise and we watched “House” and “Edge of Seventeen”. They were both enjoyable. Well, I need to get back to hammering out tickets that piled up while I was off for the last couple of days, so I will post more later.

An image is worth a 1,000 words, but a memory? Priceless!

So, I spent some time yesterday when I was drowning in my own snot to make some new header images:

Pirate Ship




Cats Eyes


In addition to that, I was having some issues with the OS X keyhain application on the new MacBook, so I formatted the system and reloaded Tiger. I am sure that a couple of months from now, I will be doing the same thing when Leopard comes out.

Beth is leaving tomorrow to go back to Wisconsin. Well, even though we didn’t hang out much, we did make some new “mamories”. Who could forget the great New Years Bash? Or how about our non-eventful trip to San Francisco with the shrines to all the dead people? I will miss seeing her around, but I will now have to plan a trip to a far away place and see what happens.

In addition, Beth seems to have got EVERYONE sick. She was sick, now I am sick and Laura just called today to tell me that she was sick as well. I hope that I feel well enough to go to MacWorld on Tuesday. I can’t wait to see what they announce. It should be really cool.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out the new header over at Beth’s site as well: http://www.earslaidback.com/

New Friends and Lost Brain Cells

Well, I hope everyone had a great new years. I certainly had an interesting one. First off, Beth, Matt, Laura, Charise and I went to Fiorinos (a local bar on Beth’s side of town), where right off the bat, I had to take Charise home because her family was having drama. Maybe she was the lucky one.

So when I got back from taking Charise to her house in Windsor, Laura was already pretty much gone and Anne (Beth’s friend) had shown up. I started off the evening with a shot of my old friend Wild Turkey. I ordered three shots of it for Beth, Anne and myself, but Laura ended up drinking Anne’s because she was trying to not get hammered. Well, after that Matt suggested ordering a Kamakazi. I have never had one of those before, and I will never have another one either as it tasted like ass.

We joked around a while and some old lady that was at the bar shoved some nasty drink in my face to taste and I tasted it. During all of this, somewhere along the way Laura wanted to suck someone and specifically mentioned Andrew and Jeremy. So, what is a friend to do? I text messaged Jeremy and called Andrew to see if one or both of them would be interested in letting Laura come over an service them. Long story short neither happened, but me looking a damn fool on the phone, but whatever.

Well, as the night progressed Matt (the designated driver) confirmed that I had somewhere between 6-10 shots of mudslide. Please note that I was also drinking water and Sprite as well to balance things out a bit. I also was in the habit of tipping to bartender way more than I should have, oh, well.

Somewhere along the way we ended up outside and Laura fell into and knocked over the wooden fence and yelled out “Party Foul”. I can’t quite remember, but I think either right before or right after that she flashed some guys to get some beads. During this time Anne was being stalked by this guy with a bad mohawk that wanted to get with her, as well as Beth and I going to the potty like 8 times and ALWAYS opening the bathroom door on some drunks taking a piss all over themselves and the floor.

Which reminds me of another first, Beth and I sharing a bathroom together. I used the urinal and she used the can. I also think that we shared the ladies room as well, but I am not sure.

Midnight rolled around and we all had free champagne that Laura knocked over all of us and all over the table along with whatever else was on the table. Beth and I dry humped on the dance floor for like 2 seconds and then I went outside to call Jeremy again and see if he was ready to get sucked off by Laura yet. Well, at this point I left the confines of the bar so I could hear on the phone and then the bouncer wouldn’t let me back in and nobody would answer their phones in the bar. Well, lucky me a guy came up and was getting in a verbal match with the bouncer and the bouncer chased him off. When he came back, he allowed me back in and offered a drink on him, to which I declined.

We left Fiorinos and went over to Beth’s house to use the computer to get directions to Jeremy’s house. We drove around trying to find Jeremy’s house for a while and eventually found it. Jeremy and I had a real in depth conversation about his sexuality, etc while Laura and Reina were trying to fight over the beads that Laura won flashing earlier and Beth and Matt were against the wall looking dead.

After my great conversation, I was kicked out by Jeremy and I don’t remember why. Matt took Laura and I to my house and she and I both promptly passed out. I woke up a couple of hours later and man, what a hangover I had. I made really good friends with my toilet over the next 2-3 hours off and on running from my bed to the bathroom to throw up water that I was trying to keep hydrated with. In the end, I had nothing but stomach acid coming up and that was not pleasant at all.

I finally kept down some soda and like 3 bites of toast and was able to sleep until my Mom woke me up at 2 when I had work at 3. My car was still accross town at the bar and I needed some way to get it. I tried calling Charise first as I had given her a ride to Windsor the night before and thought that would be a good pay back. She didn’t answer. I then called Beth to see if Matt would be kind enough to come over and give me a ride to work and drive my mom to get my car on the way to her house. He would, but my mom was not feeling well, so I substituted Kevin for the job.

When I got to work, it was nice and slow and I was able to recover from the night before. When I came home that night, I watched a little bit of TV with my mom and I was OUT!

Yesterday, Beth, Matt, Charise, Laura and I went to San Francisco. Along the way, we realized that we had obviously lost some brain cells. We were so goofy and everything, wow. We told all of the stories that we could remember about new years over and over again as well as make dumb ass comments like me mistaking a dead Christmas tree on the side of the road in San Francisco as a shrine to a dead driver. That was a great running joke. We drove and parked at the Metreon parking garage and used the facilities at the Metreon and Matt was able to look in the comic book shop and the model toy shop and he was amused.

After the Metreon, we walked over to Old Navy where Beth purchased the most ever dog accessories and some clothes. Matt and I were the only ones that left that store without anything. I was proud of myself. From there, we boarded Muni and went to the Castro where we ate at the really good Mexican restaurant and then proceeded to go into the adult shops because Beth wanted a new vibrator. Suffice it to say that the only thing that was purchased was a button for Laura.

We wondered around a bit more and then re-boarded Muni and went back to downtown. I walked into the Apple store to get my fix and then we went back to the car and left. Before we left the city, I decided that driving up to Twin Peaks would be fun. We drove around in circles until we found the spot finally (after about 40 minutes). Laura was very helpful with her “right” comments over and over again.

It was very pretty and Beth and I “rode” the pay potty again, something that I had not done in years. It didn’t seem as exciting as before, man I must be getting old. We then left the city and stopped to fill up “Everest” before heading back to Santa Rosa and Beth’s house, where we parted ways and I gave Laura and Charise a ride back to my house where Laura’s car was and everyone went home.

So far 2007 has been really interesting and I can’t wait to see what happens!

$83 until we get to heaven…..

Only $83 more and I have all the money that I need to get my MacBook laptop! I am so excited! So, for any of you wondering what I am talking about, here it is:

MacBook (Black)
* 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
* 1GB memory
* 120GB hard drive1
* Double-layer SuperDrive

I can’t wait.

In related news, I got my MacWorld passes today in the mail for the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco on January 9 and 10th! After the first day of MacWorld (Jan 9th), and Steve Job’s keynote, I can get my MacBook. I know that I just purchased my Mac Mini less than a year ago, but this time I was able to save up and get this without borrowing money!

Part of the reason for this is what I asked for this Christmas – Gift Cards! So, here is the breakdown:

$150 – Customer Service Award Visa Gift Card
$100 – Laura’s X-Mas Present Gift Card
$40 – Charise’s X-Mas Present Gift Card
$900 – Sonic.net Holiday Party Bonus
$346 – My Savings
$83 – Left to Save

Speaking of Christmas Gifts, I think this year was pretty good for me so far. Laura got me a $100 gift card (exactly what I wanted), Beth got me a Disney book and a card (very nice), Charise got me a Pirates of the Caribbean figure set (for my cube, thank you), a glass Mickey with fireworks (also for the cube), and a $40 gift card. My mom and I were bad and we bought ourselves a new pot set for the house (it is nice).

I still have to go over to Kevin and Jimmy’s house on Christmas and see what they are going to have for me. Hopefully what I need to fill up the $83 gap that I have that is stopping me from getting my MacBook.

Merry Christmas!

1 year and counting.

Well, Kohl and I had a great one year anniversary on Saturday. We went to the city and saw “Roving Mars”, ate sushi at Osaka Sushi and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was a lot of fun. On Sunday, Laura, Kohl and I went to the city again and ate at the mexican food place in the Castro and saw the sing-along Mary Poppins. It was a lot of fun.

Work today has been pretty good. We are looking at a strange Rhonert Park DSL issue that we haven’t figured out yet, but I think we will soon.

As I type this, I realise that I need to update my blog more often. Maybe I will try to do this. I just don’t have much to say on a day to day basis, I guess. For now….

My Birthday

My birthday was yesterday, and it was fun. Kohl, Laura and I went to San Francisco to hopefully go over to Alcatraz, but alas, they were sold out until Wednesday!! So we walked around Pier 39, ate some bad mexican food, walked around Fishermans Wharf and Ghiradelli Square, then drove over to the Metreon, where we ate dinner and walked around the shops. Afterwards, we came back to my place where we watched a great episode of Queer as Folk. Laura borrowed my car to go home because she didn’t have hers. On Saturday I purchased a nice watch for myself and I am pleased. 24 seems so damn old.

In other news, on Friday I went to this thing for my work called a DH Forum, which is a Department Head Forum, which is basically an interview for a DH position. I think I did fine, and hopefully I will know if I got it today. Maria just called and told me that I passed, how weird. I am happy. I am just worried about what department they are going to put me in. I want to stay in the front end, but I think they are going to try and place me elsewhere.

Valentines day, and more stuff.

Well, since my last post on Feb 6, a lot has happened in my life. In no particular order…..:

I am still dating Kohl. I am falling for him more and more every day (if that is possible). On Sunday we went to the Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco and had good food. This was our Valentines Day dinner. We sat next to some drunk people who in the middle of dinner yelled that their friend liked pussy! It was funny. We also had this huge asian family that was celebrating their kids 18th birthday (she happened to be down with the syndrome). It was most ever fun times. On a side note to this, apparently Anthony was there that night, but didn’t eat there because the wait was too long, and one of Kohls work buddies saw us there on the balcony (possible kissing).

Work has been up and down. I am supposed to be interviewed for line manager this week (yeah, they keep saying that), but I am assured it is ACTUALLY going to happen this time. I failed my mystery cart, but it is okay, because it was planned to be that way (bastards).

Laura had a nervous breakdown about her birthday on a recent trip to the city, so that sucked.

I am not sure what else to talk about right now, because I need to shower and go to work, or I will be late. I will post more later, I hope.

My brain is alouf…..

I don’t know what is going on with myself lately. I have started a journal in my little black book at home that I write in with my silver pen that I really like. I think that is why I started a journal on paper, because of the pen.

Life is full of drama lately. My brother, my friends, my new friends. I don’t know what to do. I feel so socially DAH. I started hanging out with one of Anthony’s old friends JD and his new boyfriend Brandon. They are cute together, when they are not stuck to each others faces, which isn’t often. JD has introduced me to one of his friends, Kohl who is really nice. I don’t really know what I think/feel about him, it is like my head gets nauseous and I can’t think straight when I think about him. He is a good guy though, and my friends like him a lot, which is good.

I am convinced that he thinks we are the strangest bunch of people EVER. All of us went to the city last night, and we listened to the regular mix of music (musicals, Disney, techno, alternative rock, etc.) and I am not sure how that went over. I always get really self conscious about my music, because I know that I am musically strange. I really like all types of stuff (especially is I can sing to it.) Kohl sounded like he had fun and wants to hang some more, so I guess I didn’t make myself look too bad. I think Beth and Laura actually saved my ass on this one.

Epiphany: I realized right now my funk. I have not been surrounded by so many people in a long time, but have not felt this alone ever. I don’t really feel like I fit in. That is my funk and my issue. I hate my brain sometimes. Damn me!!!

I hope that tonight turns out better than the past couple of nights. We will see how it goes. I have a new playlist on my iPod that should be better music for the masses, and I won’t feel as judged.

Also, lately all my new gay friends have had straight sex. Did I miss the memo? I don’t know. I am going to stop writing now, because I think I am just in a funk. I need some funk be gone.

As an after thought I had to go into work yesterday and cower in front of one of the managers about my no call/no show on Wed because I read my schedule wrong. He told me that I had to talk to Jane, the Line Manager before Mon. I feel so dumb. I always get stupid around my friends. But it is okay, I think that I secretly like being stupid. It is who I am.