No Longer Homeless?

Hello blog! It has been quite a while since I was on here blogging. I think that I have been spending a lot of my online energy involving my life in the vlogging area and not so much on my blog. I do need to keep posting stuff on here though as it is nice to look back on over time.

Currently, I am sitting at Riverside Park in my car, on my laptop using my MiFi to get online and write this. I love having this MiFi from Verizon to get online with almost anywhere.

They have started to put up the lights here in the park for the annual Rotary Lights. If it wasn’t so chilly, I would get out of the car and take some pictures with my camera, which I may still do. We will see. I will probably post some pictures on here as well if I do.

Another Decade

Well, today I turn another decade older. I am officially 30 at 5:11PM PST, or 3:11PM 7:11PM CST where I live. I don’t know how to feel about it yet. We will see!

DVD to digital

Yesterday, on my 4th of July, I decided to get all the movies that I have on DVD over to the digital format. My DVD collection takes up quite a bit of space and in digital form, it all fits on an external hard drive. Here is the list of movies that I converted. Note that some movies I have on DVD are not in this list as I already had them in digital format: