I Google’d for Love

and I got the following that I think was good and important:

Love is both an action and a feeling. The action of love generates a blissful feeling called by the same name. When the action stops, the blissful feeling is replaced with pain. Every person is capable of great love (and its opposite, fear, which generates all painful emotions such as hate, greed and jealousy).

While there are many different ways to define love and there are many different ways to love someone (or even yourself), here is a general guide to loving.


  1. Say it. When you say the words “I Love You”, they should carry with them the desire to show someone that you love them, not what you simply want to feel. When you say it, make sure you really mean it and are willing to do anything for that special person.
  2. Empathize. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Rather than impose your own expectations or attempt to control them, to understand how they feel, where they come from, and who they are. Realize how they could also love you back just as well.
  3. (more…)

I should learn this

If I do not want what you want, please try not to tell me that my want is wrong.

Or if I believe other than you, at least pause before you correct my view.

Or if my emotion is less than yours, or more, given the same circumstances, try not to ask me to feel more strongly or weakly.

Or yet if I act, or fail to act, in the manner of your design for action, let me be.

I do not, for the moment at least, ask you to understand me. That will come only when you are willing to give up changing me into a copy of you.

I may be your spouse, your parent, your offspring, your friend or your colleague. If you will allow me any of my own wants, or emotions, or beliefs, or actions, then you open yourself, so that some day these ways of mine might not seem so wrong, and might finally appear to you as right – for me.

To put up with me is the first step to understanding me. Not that you embrace my ways as right for you, but that you are no longer irritated or disappointed with me for my seeming waywardness. And in understanding me you might come to prize my differences from you, and, far from seeking to change me, preserve and even nurture those differences.

Song from Latter Days

This is a song from a great movie that I finally watched called Latter Days. It is a great movie! Anyway, it seemed appropriate:

Tuesday, 3 am, once again I’m wide awake
Waiting for time to mend this part of me that keeps on breaking.
Newspapers, I threw away. Washed the dishes in the sink.
3am on Tuesday, I have too much time to think.


Old… Alone… Done for.

From the 2003 Peter Pan Movie:

Captain Hook: She was leaving you, Pan! Your Wendy was leaving you. Why should she stay? What have you to offer? You are incomplete. Let’s take a look into the future, shall we? You fly to Wendy’s nursery and… what’s this? The window’s closed.
Peter: I’ll open it.
Captain Hook: I’m afraid the windows barred.
Peter: I’ll call out her name!
Captain Hook: She can’t hear you.
Peter: No!
Captain Hook: She can’t see you.
Peter: Wendy…!
Captain Hook: She’s forgotten all about you.
Peter: Stop it! Please! Stop it!


Tech Support?

Who does technical support call when they need technical support? I dunno either since it was supposed to be my first day back on the phones with Sonic.net and I can’t even get into the phone queue! Kavan is trying to help me to no avail. I don’t know why it isn’t working! Oh, well.

In other news; Chris is back! I am so happy! I thought that he wasn’t going to be back until tomorrow (Tue), but he came back yesterday. I got to go and see him last night and it was a lot of fun. Man, I missed him. Well, back to work for me…..