Yes, HE can!

So Obama’s first thing that he did officially as president was to put a salary freeze on everyone working for him making $100,000 or more! That is awesome! I hope that this trend continues and he can get all the stuff done that he needs to get done to fix our country and get it […]

They totally LIED!

Taken from which took this from Church told ‘obvious lies,’ gay activists allege On the first Sunday after a gay marriage ban passed in California, activists rallied in defiance, including hundreds of protesters outside an Orange County megachurch whose pastor brought Barack Obama and John McCain together last summer for a “faith forum.” […]

Oh, Noes!

First off, I am glad that Obama is now President Elect.  I am sad that the Californai Constitution was amended making gay marriage illegal.  I am also sad that Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park died today. Prolific novelist and “ER” creator Michael Crichton has passed away. He was 66. Perhaps best known for being […]

Where do these ideas come from?

10 reaso​ns why gay marri​age is wrong​.​.​.​ .​.​.​and 10 rebut​tals to go along​side them (​thank​ you, eric)​:​ 1) Being​ gay is unnat​ur​al.​.​.​ ​ . ​.​.​becau​se we alway​s rejec​t unnat​ural thing​s like eyegl​asses​,​​ polye​ster,​​ air condi​tioni​ng,​​ tatto​os,​​ pierc​ings,​ breas​t impla​nts.​​.​​.​ ​ 2) Gay marri​age will encou​rage peopl​e to be gay.​.​.​ .​.​.​in the same way that hangi​ng […]