I was just sitting here in my room looking at Twitter and read a post from someone that I follow that was about exit signs at Disneyland. This got me thinking about Disneyland and how much has changed ever since the last time that I was there back in July, 2007. That means that it has been 3 years, 6 months and 16 days since I was there last. That is a long time for me not to have gone to Disneyland.

Part 3 of 3 explaining the last year!

In parts 1 and 2, I told the epic tale of how Teresa, Beth and I went to New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. This, the third and final installment, I will finish up that trip, talk about our trip to Springfield, IL to see Lincoln’s Tomb and our latest trip to Saint Louis, MO.

So when we left Washington DC and Arlington National Cemetery, we headed out and followed the GPS to take us to Gettysburg! After a few hours (we had left Washington, DC in the late evening), we arrived in Gettysburg in the early night. We stopped at a gift shop there and purchased a couple of things. I got Kohl an Abraham Lincoln picture and I picked up a confederate flag and a “Betsy Ross” flag (the one with the circle of 13 stars). The confederate flag is constantly getting me in awkward situations, but that is another blog post.

Part 2 of 3 explaining the last year!

In part 1, I went over our trip to New York last summer, starting in Onalaska, WI, going through Chicago, Youngstown, Centralia and into New York. This time, I will continue our trip finishing up in New York and heading to Washington, DC, Gettysburg and finally back home. Next time, I will talk about our trip to Lincolns Tomb in Springfield, IL and then our latest trip to Saint Louis, MO and back.

After we left the waterfront, we passed a couple of old colonial type ships parked in the harbor. It was starting to drizzle again and so we headed for the subway. We got to the subway and took the train to Grand Central Station where we walked around and basked in its enormous glory.

Part 1 of 3 explaining the last year!

Hello again blog. I haven’t updated you in a while and I feel that I really need to, especially to talk about all the fun stuff that I have done this summer so far!

Actually, I am going to start about this time last year, as that is the last time that I updated my blog to talk about much of anything.

Last September, Teresa, Beth and I planned a trip to New York, Washington DC, Centralia, PA and a few places in-between. It was amazing. We left Onalaska and traveled through Chicago and had our first stop in Youngstown, OH. While there, we stopped by the college and found Beth’s childhood home. It was pretty cool.

$385 Until Oct 15th!

So, I finally finished work after having almost no sleep (again) due to a massive headache that came on last night after working on this site.  Luckily, I made it in and everything worked out.

In other news, I calculated all my bills and paychecks from now until the paycheck after my trip to New York and it looks like I will have $385 to live off of until October 15th!  This is taking into account the rent ($253), credit card bills ($100), Kwik Trip Card ($80) and power, internet TV and cell phone ($192).  These are per month prices!  I only take home like $500/payday every 2 weeks, so this is going to be a stretch.  Also note that I am putting another $250 in my savings for the trip, bringing me to $550 total for gas, rental car, food, etc.

I hope that I can save some of that money from New York to spend on bills/food when I get back.  We will see.  Then I need to start saving for my BIG Disneyland trip in May, 2010 which will cost around $1,000 plus, which breaks down to:
275/person for plane tickets (may vary)
194/person for park tickets
100/person for hotel
569/person total for travel, sleep and tickets
400/person spending money (food, souvenirs, etc)
969/person total total for everything (if pricing doesn’t change)

This means that I need to save $85 per paycheck from November to April to make this work.  It is going to be hard!  I hope that it will all work out (but I’m sure it will like it always seems to).