Changes for the Site!

Again! Well, this time I updated to WordPress 3.0 and with that I changed themes and then changed themes again. I like this one and I have it all configured to work ok at the moment. I hope to add more to this site again (other than twitter updates). Eventually, when I have more time and I am not tired, I will make a post on how Minneapolis Pride was, my iPhone 4 experience and trying to swap roommates and/or move out.

This Week

I am not sure how this week is going to go. I am excited because I am only working like 28 hours at ShopKo this week, which will give me time to work for (which pays more per hour). Also, it looks like on Thursday Mindy might come over and we can watch the most ever Sci-Fi stuff. I am happy about that.

Tomorrow is still up in the air. I am going to the cities again to pick up Beth and Matt and this time Kohl is coming with me. I would rather go alone and spend some quality time with Jared, but I don’t think that is going to happen. I suppose I will show Kohl around (what little I do know about the cities) and just sight see. I also need to go back to the Cheesecake Factory and pick up my scarf that I left on Friday when I was there with Jared.

Beth and Matt don’t arrive until 10PM tomorrow and it looks like it may be later because there is supposed to be a storm heading this way that will start tonight and go on for the next week. I am not looking forward to driving in that again!

Well, I need to go to work now, hopefully that will go well today.