Wedding and Valley Fair

Hey! Look at this! There is another blog post in the same month! Well, this is just an update on some of the things that I have been doing the last couple of weeks.

James and I went to a wedding in the Milwaukee area, where I was able to meet his parents which went surprisingly well. His mom and dad were both extremely nice and welcoming to me considering they are still working on coming to terms with James being gay.

On the way to the wedding, James took me to mini golf which was really fun! It was at a course that had two options: California and Wisconsin. Sorry California, but the Wisconsin side looked more fun, so we played that. I beat James, but not by much.

Otherwise, the wedding was nice and the reception afterwards was entertaining. James and his sister Amy got me up and dancing. Highlight of the night was Amy proclaiming “If you are going to be my brother-in-law, you are going to have to learn to dance!” Glad to see that she is ready for me to be part of the family.

For our 6 month anniversary, I got James a set of flowers and a sheet cake. He got us some Champagne and took me to a park where we had homemade chocolate covered strawberries (very tasty) and a mini picnic. Afterwards, we went up to the bluff overlook above La Crescent where we were eaten by mosquitoes!

For my birthday, James was very sweet and got me a couple balloons (a dinosaur and a happy birthday) along with a couple picture frames with pictures of the two of us together. It is nice to actually have some pictures of me and him that I can look at when he isn’t around. James also got me a card which was very nice. He is just as obsessed with greeting cards as I am.

This last weekend, James and I were able to go with John and Amy to Valley Fair. I had never been there, but heard from Beth that it was a nice park. It certainly wasn’t Disneyland, but for a run of the mill amusement park, it was pretty good.

This was the first time that I was able to ride all of the big rides and not skip any that were a little too much for me.

Afterwards, we went to Pizza Luce, which is a fancy pizza place near the cities that was AMAZING! I hadn’t been feeling well the whole day with a stomach ache, sore ankle and mild headache, so when we got back to Amy and John’s, I went right to bed. I had to work at 11 the next day, so we got up early and made the drive back. Overall, a very fun month!

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