Well, it has been a long time since I have posted an update on here, so I thought that I would take this time to do that now.

First off, today the Supreme Court of the United States (or SCOTUS) ruled that DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8 were unconstitutional. This is awesome news if you are someone in the LGBT community. This is particularly important for me as there is someone who down the road I would like to marry and is also a male.

I never understood why people make such a big deal about “gay marriage” anyway. Why should you care who I want to spend the rest of my life with and love? There are plenty of examples of couples and marriages that are worse for the “sanctity of marriage” than being gay and getting married.

Here in Wisconsin, today didn’t mean much as it is in the constitution to limit marriages to between one man and one woman. Hopefully, today’s decision will lead the way for that to go away sooner rather than later. At least in the next 3-5 years when I plan on walking down the isle to meet James at the alter.

Now, mind you, we will get engaged before then, since that has always been legal as being engaged doesn’t give anyone additional rights and benefits.

In other news, I applied and got a job as a full time photographer at WKBT News 8. I was on floor crew before then and then was doing photography part time. The road hasn’t been completely smooth, but overall, I love my job and what I do. You can always see some of the stuff that I have done for News 8 at the link at the top. I plan to update that with some new stuff and even a demo reel at some point, so keep an eye on that!

My personal life has also been pretty great recently. James and I are doing great. He encourages me to go out and be social (which he makes extremely easy for me) and hang out with his friends and family. His brother-in-law Jon Robinson is the one family member that I have really taken to as we are both computer nerds and just nerdy and sarcastic in general.

His brother John and wife Heather are also pretty cool and we have done a few events with them and had a ton of fun. Certainly not a bad family to be part of. If only my family (what little there is of it) is scattered around the world. Darin in the Netherlands with Rabia, Melissa and Jonathan and Brian is in California somewhere.

It will all work out and I look forward to it.

Oh, I almost left out some of the most exciting stuff! James, my mom and I are going to Noah’s Ark for her birthday on the 11th of July. Two days later I am going with James to a wedding on the other side of the state, where I will meet his parents for the first time who aren’t exactly supportive of his “lifestyle choices”.

A couple weeks after that, James and I are going to Valley Fair up near Minneapolis. I have never been there, but heard some good things. Hopefully he won’t make me go on anything I don’t want to go on because I am a chicken!

Next year, in January, James and I are going on an 8 day cruise to the Bahamas leaving from New York for our one year anniversary. I am really excited about this as well, but am concerned about the amount of money that I have to come up with between now and then. I am sure it will come together, like it always does.

Until next time blog!