Hey, look at that! I’m updating my blog again and it hasn’t been forever! Someone that I just recently pointed to my site for information that I posted previously thought it was cool that I had this site where I posted a lot of stuff about my life. I have to agree that I do like looking back on things that I have posted here to see how I was like and what I was thinking at the time.

It got me thinking of what started this all back in October, 2002. At the time, I had just met Beth while working at the theatre and she turned me on to LiveJournal. In fact, a lot of this blog is from back in the day when I was posting frequently on LiveJournal. I would like to get back to posting as frequently as I did back then.

I guess I just need more interesting things to be happening in my life to feel that it is worthy of posting. At the same time, when there is interesting things happening, I want to be experiencing those things and not missing out on the next thing by taking time to blog about it.

Alright, so, an update! I have been wanting to visit California for a while now, but it just hasn’t come together. Jay also wanted to go to California as he hasn’t been since he was little and didn’t remember most of it. Laura is going to be happy to see us as she has said numerous times now.

So, as it stands, we will be flying out from Minneapolis on February 12 and landing in Oakland in the early evening. If all goes to plan, we will then drive over to San Francisco and introduce Jay to the Castro and I really want some sushi at Osaka Sushi. Maybe drive around a bit more and then head on up to Santa Rosa where we will be staying at Laura’s house.

We will be in Northern California until the evening of the 19th when we will drive down to Southern California and Anaheim to be specific. The 20-24th we will visit Disneyland and maybe spend some time in the evenings after the park closes travelling around Southern California.

On Sunday, the 25th, we are going to go to Universal Studios and then spend one last day at Disneyland on the 26th and then fly back home from LAX on the 26th. It should be fun!

Well, I am writing this from work and have to go and do my job now, so I will write another update soon with what else has been happening.