No Longer Homeless?

Hello blog! It has been quite a while since I was on here blogging. I think that I have been spending a lot of my online energy involving my life in the vlogging area and not so much on my blog. I do need to keep posting stuff on here though as it is nice to look back on over time.

Currently, I am sitting at Riverside Park in my car, on my laptop using my MiFi to get online and write this. I love having this MiFi from Verizon to get online with almost anywhere.

They have started to put up the lights here in the park for the annual Rotary Lights. If it wasn’t so chilly, I would get out of the car and take some pictures with my camera, which I may still do. We will see. I will probably post some pictures on here as well if I do.

Now, you are all probably wondering about the title of the blog post. Well, since mid-August, I have been living with Beth and Matt at their new home in Onalaska. I could not stand to be in the apartment anymore with Alex, so I had to leave a little earlier than our August 26, 2011 move out date. We ended up being out of there about a week early and got our entire security deposit back.

We made an offer on this house in La Crosse way back in July, and it has taken so long because it was a short sale which means that the owner was selling the property for less than she owed on it and her bank had to approve it as well.

Well, after the rest of July, August, September and October, they finally approved our offer on November 1. We then had to get going on our financing to pay for it and that is what we are waiting for at this point. It should close on November 18, the week before Thanksgiving.

I am so ready to move into this house, you have no idea! I have wanted a house for a very long time now and it looks like we finally will! It could not have come at a better time either. Just like Alex and Kohl before him, Beth is starting to get on my nerves. She has this friend that treats her like crap but blames herself for it. She says that he is just like I was a few years ago. How did that turn out? Not good! She should know this and learn from her mistakes.

Beth also has this friend that she is hanging out with who is hooking up with this other friend. She could be his daughter. Not to mention that he is married! The whole situation is annoying and fucked up and I am looking forward to being done with it.

Well, I guess I should motivate myself to get out of the car now and film the life project video that I wrote the script to earlier before being forced out of the house because I could not concentrate on anything with all the noise that Beth and her friend were making in the basement.

Until next time, which I hope won’t be too long from now!

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