Hello again blog. I haven’t updated you in a while and I feel that I really need to, especially to talk about all the fun stuff that I have done this summer so far!

Actually, I am going to start about this time last year, as that is the last time that I updated my blog to talk about much of anything.

Last September, Teresa, Beth and I planned a trip to New York, Washington DC, Centralia, PA and a few places in-between. It was amazing. We left Onalaska and traveled through Chicago and had our first stop in Youngstown, OH. While there, we stopped by the college and found Beth’s childhood home. It was pretty cool.

We left Youngstown and continued on our way to our next big stop, which was Centralia, PA – which you may or may not have heard of before. It is this town that was a mining town and a fire started in the mine and it has been burning ever since. If you Google for it, there are a lot of cool things that are there.

We left Centralia and continued on our journey to New York. We got to New York at about 9PM and we hit some road construction so that slowed us down, but we eventually made it through the Holland Tunnel and into the actual city. The GPS doesn’t work so well in the city with all the skyscrapers and all, so we were lost for a bit trying to get to Teresa’s cousins place in Greenwich Village (near Washington Square Park). It didn’t help that it was also Fashion Week and we ended up RIGHT in the middle of that!

We eventually got to the apartment and unloaded our stuff and took the car to a parking garage a few blocks away. Afterwards, we went and ate at the little market downstairs and had some real New York pizza and met a really hot guy from Wisconsin that was going to school at NYU. He was nice and there was this other group of people that saw that Teresa was wearing a Wicked shirt and thought that she was in the cast and was trying to get her to put in a good word for them. Obviously that wasn’t going to happen.

We went to bed and the next day, September 11, we went to the Statue of Liberty after stopping by ground zero where they had this ceremony going on and we couldn’t really get close to the actual ground zero. In Battery Park, Beth and I had our first NYC hotdog! It was amazing. We boarded the ferry and headed on over to the statue. We went up inside of her base and couldn’t get tickets to the crown because it was way too hard.

It was really windy and was sprinkling but it actually made it a much more interesting experience. After the statue, we took the ferry over to Ellis Island and toured around there for a while. We then headed over back to Battery Park and saw that they had the statue that was between the twin towers that they had salvaged and put there in a memorial to the fallen of September 11.

We started walking around and ended up in the financial district and saw Wall Street. It is much smaller in person than it is in pictures and movies. We ate at this little shop in the financial district and it was really good. After we left the shop, we realized that there was a Sushi restaurant upstairs and we had to go eat there. It was really good and very inexpensive!

After Sushi, we walked along the waterfront and just had a good time. I can’t remember exactly what we did the rest of that day other than walk around the city and see a bunch of stuff.

I will have to come back and write parts 2 and 3 to this later. Probably tomorrow, if I remember.