With US President Barack Hussein Obama wanting to promote this idea of “universal” healthcare in the United States as some way to correct the way American citizens get their healthcare I’d like to share one Canadians experience with “state run” public heathcare.

1. Choice of Doctor: Under a socialized healthcare model that Cuba north *cough* Canada *cough* runs I never had the chance to choose my own doctor. Do you know what that’s like? No one gave me a choice of doctors! By the time I was born my mother had already selected Dr Rittenberg who helped birth me and I’m sad to say for the past 30 years I’ve been forced to see the doctor who was pre-selected for me. You know what happens when you’ve had the same doctor for 30 years? She gets to know you and if you call last minute for an appointment… she’ll squeeze you in.

It’s shameful.

2. Emergency Care: This is where socialized medicine really fails. It all started when I was 5 years old. In June of ‘85 I was hit by a car and when this terrible emergency happened to an innocent child I was forced to wait minutes for care. MINUTES! If this is what people who don’t have to pay for emergency care have to wait..it’s completely unacceptable. This supposed “triage*” system Canada has is a complete failure. The idea… of making people wait who are not in dire need of care right away is terrible. I mean seriously… if I fall out of a tree cos I was drunk and swinging around like a jerkoff… I deserve to be treated for my dislocated shoulder in exactly the same amount of time as someone who may have had a serious heart attack!

Sadly I’ve had to live through this on more than one occasion. When I was 24 I broke my right ankle and when I arrived at the hospital the morning after it happened… when they saw that I was joking around with the nurses they decided I should wait in the emergency room waiting room for at least an hour before I was taken for surgery…..


No matter how nice and compassionate each of the nurses and doctors were… those jerks made me wait! I am so shocked that I was even able to walk again. Sure they are the medical experts and know how these things work… but I am a layman and I KNOW how I should be cared for right?!

Oh… the result of my horrendous experience was a full recovery and some stainless steel in my right ankle.

When I was 29 I broke my left ankle (only pussies drink milk or eat yogurt) and again the same crap! Those bastards took care of me and operated on my ankle and again I’m sitting here fully healed and working on becoming a better hiker with two broken ankles.

The Canadian hospital system is a joke.

3. Prescription Coverage: Well here’s where I’ve always been lucky. I can’t complain about anything here. See, as I grew up I lucked out because both of my parents worked at jobs which provided healthcare. I think the bullshit union which my mom belonged to forced the employer to provide it. FRIGGIN COMMIES! When I didn’t have coverage through my parents I either had it through my own employment or my catch all is… YES the Canadian government. I am an Indian and in exchange for all the land I get my prescriptions paid for. My last prescription was an antibiotic… the drug cost about $2.00 and the “fee” was $8.00.

p.s I get air miles for my prescriptions and I don’t pay for them.

In Canada we have price controls on what drugs should cost. I have a friend who works for a mail order drug company in Canada who sells drugs to Americans. I asked him what the difference was in price for drugs in Canada vs. the USA. He said that in Canada it’s about “1/3rd of the price they pay” I guess we throw the free market out the door so that the government can save some cash.


I think that the USA is on the right track. It’s obvious that the current system in America is working. No coverage for millions means that more will die, which means that there will be more space in hospitals for those who are willing to co-pay, pay, submit claim, re-submit claim, etc.. etc.. Canada and all of the other countries which want to provide free healthcare to all of their citizens have been doing it wrong the whole time.

The proof is in the pudding. I mean, in terms of life expectancy all of the industrial countries are lacking when it comes to the USA. The US is listed at number 30 in terms of average life expectancy. According to a 2008 study the average American lives to be 78.6 years old while the average Canadian only lives to be 80.34. Here’s how other countries stack up:

Germany: 78.95
England: 78.7
Norway: 79.78
Sweden: 80.63

Life expectancy is like golf scores right?? The lower the better?

I digress.

Do you know what the worst part of it all is? Any time I’ve seen my doctor or have gone to a hospital it never cost me anything! Maybe a few dollars for the Tylenol 3 they gave me but in the end the hospital has almost always cost me….


The worst part is that I had been saving up money the whole time incase that something major happened regarding my health! What about a bypass surgery? What if I needed some crazy expensive psychotropic drugs? *cough* again *cough*

I guess like most Canadians who see the tax deductions from their paycheques I’ll understand that the money I net is mine to spend and I don’t have to worry about the cost of going to see a doctor, specialist, or a specialist doctor my doctor referred me to.

I hate socialized healthcare!

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triage

Stolen from moderatelylib on LiveJournal