So Obama’s first thing that he did officially as president was to put a salary freeze on everyone working for him making $100,000 or more! That is awesome! I hope that this trend continues and he can get all the stuff done that he needs to get done to fix our country and get it back to where it needs to be.

I think that maybe he needs to show that the President doesn’t need all the luxuries that he gets and can run the country more as a citizen and not some rich guy in a great house. The more of the inauguration that I watched, the more that I felt like we spend too much money on unneeded things. Does Obama really need a new limo? Did Bush really need to fly from the Capital to Andrews Air Force Base in Marine 1? I just hope that Obama will take his whole fiscal responsibility thing seriously. Even though the inauguration was awesome to watch and all, I sorta wish we would have spent the money elsewhere.

I still have hope though!