Its 1:15AM; Do you know where your Moped is?

So Tim let me borrow his moped tonight and all day tomorrow. I left his house with Beth at 11:30PM, came home and rode the shit out of it. I rode it to Walmart and around the block and over to Festival and then through the industrial park where I got lost, then over to UW-L. Well, as I was scampering about around UW-L, I got turned around and had to back track a bit and ended up on a sidewalk RIGHT where there was a cop hanging out. He pulled me over. Not only was I riding it in a sweater and PJ pants (it was nice out, but too chilly for just shorts), but I was next to the college dorm rooms and it looks like I am drunk college kid. He asks me where I was going and where I was coming from. I had to explain that I was basically joy riding my boss’ moped. I am sure they just love that. He explained that as a licensed vehicle, it should not be on the sidewalk and that he needed to see my license. He wasn’t going to get me a ticket or anything, but wanted to check for warrants, etc.

Of course I was clean and then he wanted to smell my breath after asking if I had anything to drink which I hadn’t. He replied, “not even one?” and I was like “nope!” So he asked me to breath in his face and I did and he let me go on about my scampering around. I quickly left the campus and headed home because I had done enough for the evening.

That is all!

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