1/2 way there

Well, I think the apartment is about 1/2 of the way packed up at this point and we are 19 days away from leaving for Wisconsin. There is still a lot of stuff to be done.

First, I have to go and eat SUSHI with Laura tonight and watch a couple of TV programs. Next Wednesday after I get off work, we need to go to San Francisco for the last time for a while.

Work had been pretty good so far lately too. Last week is my last week at Sonic.net in the office. I will still be doing some limited work for Sonic.net for a while which will be really nice. It will definitely help me get on my feet in Wisconsin. I have an interview with the manager at ShopKo on Nov 2 after we get there that I am looking forward to. I hope that I can re-gain my position in management in retail. As much as I hated it at the time, it really isn’t that bad. It was the people that I worked with that I didn’t like so much. It will be way different to work for a retail store that is not smaller like Toys R Us, or a GIANT warehouse store like Home Depot. ShopKo is pretty much like a Target store. They have all the same departments and are all over the mid-west.

I am really looking forward to the 26th, when we can finally move some stuff out of the apartment and into the U-Haul truck so we can get a better idea of what is left to move out. It is really hard when you are basically shuffling everything around.

Well, that is a good enough update for now!

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