Well, the Sonic.net Holiday Party was great as usual. There was a lot of gifts to be had, including a “hunting orange” colored jacket, a mag light, a fag bag and some money. The holiday bonus was better than I expected, so I am now within $300 of being able to purchase my MacBook early next year. I have to keep myself from getting it before Leopard comes out, man is that going to be hard.

In other news, Laura, Charise and I are going to MacWorld Expo this year. I was able to get free tickets online and it should be fun. I won’t be able to see the Keynote with Steve Jobs, but I can get a lot of free goodies. We will see.

On the subject of MacWorld, I gave a coworker of mine a ride to the Holiday party and we were talking about MacWorld and he INVITED HIMSELF to go! WTF? You don’t invite yourself to someone else’s gathering.

That brings me to the last bit of update; Augie. He had the balloon guy make him a balloon penis and that was the last photo that I posted. All the pictures are up and online on my photo pages.