Clean time and Vegas

It has been so great that Kohl has been doing the laundry and cleaning up the house lately. It makes it nice to come home to a clean house and actually have a couple of days off without doing a bunch of work, then having free time. Now if only I could sleep in the bed without waking up hundreds of times a night and then in the morning with a sore back.

It looks like I will actually have enough money to go to Vegas like I hoped. I talked to a lady on the phone today that gave me all types of info on Vegas (she lives there). I have to remember to go to the “Ghost Bar” on the Rio’s top floor and order a “Witchdoctor”, the 1/2 price ticket booth next to the peppermill restaurant, Cravings the buffet in the TI hotel, and see the performing Rio servers.

I think we are all going to be having a lot of fun when we get there. Enough talk for now, maybe another update later.

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