So I haven’t posted an update on LJ for like two weeks or more now. Here we go in a nutshell:
Beth, Jess, Maya and I went to Disneyland together. I paid for everything for Jess and Maya. They were not as into Disneyland as much as I would have liked, but it was okay becasue Beth was there and as always she was into Disneyland. That was fun, except for Maya saying that she was uncomfortable when Jess was giving me a back rub. Whatever. Then When we got back I had to deal with Zack who was upset about us going to Disneyland without him and all. Oh, well. Then Beth and I were getting ready to go to Las Vegas. Beth had compiled quite a bit of cashflow to go, and I had a few $$ to spare to go.

X-2 Came out and I had to deal with lines for it, and that was fun. Jess stayed over on Friday night, and we stayed up most of the night to be with eachother. Jess went to prom Saturday night, and I went off to work, came home at like 10:30 and went to bed to get up at 4:30 to go to Vegas.

The plane trip there was cool. It was a pretty smooth ride all the way there. Beth didn’t freak out like I thought that she might. We had a good first day in Vegas, we walked our asses off and saw the entire strip. Lots of kewl stuff to see there, if you haven’t gone, you should, but please be over 21. We took this shuttle thing back that took over an hour to get back to our hotel – The Stratosphere. It was only $1.65 instead of a $20 cab ride though. The next day we went to the Las Vegas Hilton and saw the Star Trek Experience. That was neat. Then we went back to our Hotel and got the tickets for Penn & Teller and started walking to the Rio, and eventually had to just take a cab the rest of the way because of time. We walked back to the strip and checked out more stuff, and went back to our room to get sleep to wake up the next morning and get a rental car to go to Hoover Dam and Area 51 the next day.

I get up at 8:15 and call ENterprise Rent-a-Car and we have them pick us up at the Stratosphere at 9. They take us to the rental place and will not let us get anything but this 2002? Chevy TrailBlazer. So we said okay, and they gave it to us at the normal price of a car, and not the more expensive price of an SUV. We headed out and went to Hoover Dam. That was nest. Beth and I stalked this guy who had a really nice butt. Also there was this guy who was mentally disabled that worked for the park service, and he was really funny, because he kept interrupting the tour guide, and the tour guide was getting aggitated, it was funny.

We left Hoover Dam and went back to Las Vegas and our hotel, because I forgot the directions to Area 51. THen we headed out. It was a nice drive out there, and we stopped to look at the cacti, and the red ants. Then we got onto the Extraterrestrial Highway. We got to the little town of Rachel, Necada where the Little A’le’inn is located. Rachel is in the middle of nowhere!!!! The people at the inn were strange folk, like out of a TV show. We headed out after getting gas at their local gas station for $2.24 a gallon!! We went down the old dirt road that goes to the Area 51 back gate. It is like a 10 mile long road. THe gate was kewl. On the way back to the main road, a cow jumped into the middle of the road, and I swerved to miss it, and thought that the SUV was going to roll, so I overcorrected, went into a ditch and rolled anyway. Beth and I were a lot better than we could have been considering the circumstances.
**************See the car**************
We walked 7 miles back torwards Rachel and Area 51 guards came along and asked if that was our car back there, and if we were okay, and that they had called the local police, and to stay where we were. It was getting cold, so I continued to walk back to the town. We got picked up by this nice old man who took us back to the Little A’le’inn. They took real good care of us and put us up in a free room for the night to wait for the Sherriff. We were in the middle of nowhere so he had to come from Tonopah, which was like 2 hours away in good weather, and it was raining and snowing there. When he got there we had to wait for the wrecker to come (another 2 1/2 hour wait) so Jim, the sherriff gave us his MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). It was okay, and then we tried to sleep. The wrecker got there at about 3:30 AM (The crash happened at like 6:20 and we were back in Rachel at 7:45, and the sherriff got there at 10:30, so you can see how long it was taking). We arrived in Tonopah at 6AM, and it was snowing. Jim dropped us off at the clinic and Beth didn’t need stitches. At 7:45 I called Enterprise and they said that they would bacll me back. At 10, another Sherriff came and picked us up and took us to the Salvation Army and got us two free bus tickets back to Las Vegas. Then he took us to the Station House where I ate, and we waited until the bus arrived at 1:05. The bus left Tonopah at 1:40 and we were back in Vegas at 6PM, almost 24 hours after the accident happened. Beth and I walked the strip and got a lot of Vegas on video before we had to leave. We went back to the hotel and slept.

Kevin called and we had a little under an hour to check out. We checked out and left our baggage at the baggage check at the Hotel. Beth and I took a cab to Enterprise rent-a-car and signed some papers. They took us back to the strip where we walked to the end of it again, and purchased souveniers before we had to catch a cab back to the Hotel to get our luggage, and then back to the Airport to leave.

The plane ride back was very turbulent, and we thought we were going to die. We got back okay though, and Kevin AND Jess met us at the Airport. That made me really happy. We got home, and I showed off all my stuff that I bought and showed off all the video I took. Then I took Jess home, and came home and went to bed.

I went to work on Friday, and not many people seemed to care all that much that we almost died. I discovered that Jess’ name was not on the list of people that didn’t have work permits, so I checked his file, and sure enough, he didn’t so I put his name on the list, and called him to let him know that he needed to get one. He called me back and told me he couldn’t get one, so he was basically out of a job now. Oops. He came over before work on Saturday and hung out with me for like an hour before he had to go to work. I missed him a lot. Since I have been back I haven’t seen him as much as I would like to, but I will survive. Work was slow, and I was concession for the first time on a weekend for a long time. Matrix 2 Tuesday night employee showing should be REALLY kewl.

End of entry.