Yeah, a lot has happened in the last 5 days. I wasn’t going to go to Vegas, then booked the hotel and air, so I guess I am now. I am flat broke for the first time in a little while. I am going to do something really kewl for everyone soon, and I hope that I can pull it off. Jess went to a party last night and got high. Wow, how exciting, NOT! I am glad that he had fun though, and he is teaching me something very valuable – TRUST. I have a problem with people drinking and doing drugs probably because I don’t really trust the people that do them. I trust Jess enough to not care if he does or doesn’t. I would still prefer if he didn’t, but as long as he doesn’t make a habit of it, then kewl.

Beth has been very “off and on” with people lately. One monute it is I HATE THEM, then it is I LOVE THEM. Pick one. Apparently Joyous is having a going away party at John’s house, but I only heard about it from Beth who was also not invited. Oh, well, I am not going to go. Jess got himself grounded because he lied to his dad about staying over at my house instead of his mom’s house. Bad game. Again, I TRUST Jess enough that he will keep on the path to the light side of the force if you will.

Chris fucked up my schedule this week. I put in a note saying I wanted May 4-8 off to go to Las Vegas, but he gave me April 4-8 off instead. Oh, well. I neded the time off to get a lot of home stuff done. I feel like I don’t have a job for the first time in 3 years. Which brings me to another kewl point – The Roxy will have ben open for three years on April 28th!!! I missed my 3 year anniversary with North American Cinemas last month, March 16th. Here is to three more wonderful years at the Roxy!!!

Note to self : Jess: April 3, 2003 9PM.

I hope that all the drama that has been ensuing between my friends will come to an end soon. Which reminds me – I watched the Children of Dune mini-series on SciFi, and it was great!! Here are two excellent parts that I really liked:

“Your grandfather’s ring – and your father’s.”
“And now the Fremen’s. To remind you od Moe’ade, to remind you that all humans make misteaks, and that all leaders are buy human.”


(In the following, He is her brother.)

“He runs, and runs, and runs. When he has exhasted himself, he returns to me, puts his head in my lap, and asks me to help him find a way to die.”
“Why does he want to die?”
“To save himself … from the sacrafices he must make. Sacrafices for the future of us all.”
“Then there is a place for me in this future.”
“Your blood was spared the day that Lato came back to me.”
“What of our marrage then?”
“As my mother was not wife, you shall never be husband.”
“Politics. But in time, there may be love. Which is more than my brother will ever have. One of us had to accept the agony, he was always the stronger. History is written on the sands of Arracus. A chapter has ended, swept away by the wirlwind. One door has closed, but another has opened, and on the other side, our future.”

If you watched the mini-series, or have a chance to you should. I cried at the last part that I typed there. I have been in a really emotional mood lately. I think that it is good, I am feeling more and more alive, and in turn, more human.