Well I woke up to find that my car was once again dirty! What the hell? I wash it and it gets dirty again so quick!! I went to work, and after work we went to K-Rows as per usual, and Bonnie and Liz were there and I had their meal put on our bill, which ended up being the most expensive bill ever: $79.89!! Funtimes.

I woke up and went to the bank and put my check in, picked up Joyous and Beth and went to Saturn to have my car worked on. We walked over the freeway to Krispy Kreme, but they had yet to be open!! We ate at McDonalds, and went to Old Navy and Best Buy, then back to the car. We drove to Petaluma where we got Krispy Kreme and then went to work. I was excited all night that Ben and I were going to hang out, but he was coughing up blood or something, and he went home. That sucked. Oh, well. We went to K-Rows and I was in a calm reflective mood, and was just happy being out and with everyone, and not having to be the entertaining one.

I woke up and went to Best Buy and purchased my XM Satellite radio reciever and antenna. How cool is that? It is a really kewl service that is just like radio, but sounds like a CD, and is nationwide, you don;t have to try and find a radio station ever again. Afterwards, I went to work, and it was another boring night at work. We all went to K-Rows, then I went home.

I got up and tried to help my mom clean up a bit, but didn’t. I picked up Beth and Joyous, and we went to San Francisco. We went to Japantown and ate at Bennihana. That was a really kewl experience: THANKS BETH!!! I then told Beth that I was having feelings for Joyous again, and she got all upset, because she wants to be the top girl in my life, and she is having a hard time dealing with the fact that I am not completely gay. Man, I told her I was bi, but did she beleive me? No. Anyway, I got to use my FasTrak on the GG Bridge. Funtimes. Also, on the way down, who passes us on the freeway? Anthony. Anthony used to work at the theatre, and I thought that he was cute. Interesting. On the way back from the city we stopped at Krispy Kreme and that was good, then we went to K-Rows.

I woke up and didn’t want to work, but did anyway. It was a slow day at work, and Manie was late by 1 1/2 hours, and then she went home early!! What the hell? Anyway – when I got off work, I went home, and went with Kevin to K-Rows and had dinner. I brought back my mom something to eat, and then chilled for a while on the computer, then I went out to my car to re-affix some things back together. I ended up blowing a fuse for my Power outlet. That sucked. Then I got a call from Beth and she thought that she was going to get kicked out of projection, and I assured her she wasn’t, and then I picked Joyous up and then Beth, and we went to K-Rows. We had fun eating, and talking about how I was straight curious now, and that Kevin thought that Joyous would be the person that I should have that experience with, because she would be most understanding. Beth was upset about this. Later on, we left K-Rows, and I drove out to Gravity Hill, where I let Beth take the wheel, and drive back to Santa Rosa, and over to where I live. She did a great job. Then I dropped off Beth, and Joyous and I went to Krispy Kreme and we talked about the strange situation we found ourselves in:

You see, it is like this: Joyous and I went out before. So we still have feelings for eachother. Kevin suggested that we had unfinished business with eachother, and that is why we are “together” again. Joyous really wants to stay with Marcus, and I agree that she should, but she is attracted to me again, just like I am attracted to her again. She likes flirting with me, and doesn’t want to stop, and I don’t want it to either. So we agreed that we would see how things will go with Marcus, and we can still flirt, but know that it is not going to go anywhere right now. If, in the future Joyous and Marcus break up, we will evaluate ourselves, and maybe give it another shot. And we agreed that it would have to be an open relationship. She could have lesbian tendancies, and I could have gay ones. It would be the perfect relationship. We will have to see. Only time will tell.

Today I woke up and watched TV and was really lazy until now. I am going to go and get a fuse for my car, and go shopping with my mom, then take a shower and go to work. I will try to post more often, i promise.