Funny Stuff from “Texts from Last Night”

Took these from the Facebook group “Texts from Last Night”:

(909) i was on so you think you can dance i won season 2
(310) o ya i remember now, but wasnt it so you think you have downs syndrome?

(812): If you really hate me that much, you need to stop letting me put my penis inside of you. It sends the wrong message

when farrah fawcett died, god gave her one wish. she wished for all the children to be saved……so he killed Michael Jackson

(419) Its so funny and so terrible that ppl r laughing at “leave it to billy mays to throw in one extra COMPLETELY FREE!”
(419-2) The only thing thats terrible is the writer didn’t add in, “OH WAIT! THERE’S MORE!!” LMAO

(352): What are you doing?
(352): High. Watching Billy Mays infomercials…
(352): That guy could sell me cancer.

(614) Your Birth Certificate is an apology letter from the Condom manufacturer

More to come later….

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