Feeling MUCH better

Well, after having the last few days to rest, I am feeling MUCH better than I have felt in the last few weeks. The time off of work and rest (mostly sleeping in and staying in bed) did wonders for me. I also spent the time cleaning up some files on my computer, organizing music in my iTunes to work better with syncing on my iPhone.

Beth is away visiting her dad in Spokane Washington and she will be back after the weekend. Kohl went to donate plasma and both times that he went it has turned out to be troublesome. The first day he almost passed out because of the guy next to him bleeding all over the place. The second time it was an issue because he wasn’t well enough hydrated. He will be more hydrated next time he goes so he can complete a donation.

I have also spent the time off looking into places that I can cut down on my expenses. I have been downloading all of the movies and TV shows that I watch and have not looked at my TiVo for over a week. I think that I am going to give it to Kohl to use upstairs in his room and I won’t have the TiVo in my room for now. I can download all the shows that I watch through the newsgroups or Bittorent. For those interested, here is how I do it on the Mac:

First, I go to http://www.binsearch.info and search in the last 50 days for a movie/show/etc and then select the 3-400 MB version of 1 hour TV show or the 7-800 MB version of a movie that I am looking for as an nzb file. The nzb file I open in Unison (a newsgroup program) and connect to my news server (in my case news.sonic.net) and download hour long shows in about 10 mins, and 2 hour movies in about 15 mins.

Once I have downloaded the files, I use MacPAR Deluxe to combine the files back together into the avi (most of the time) that I can then copy to my server in my room, then stream to my Mac Mini running the AppleTV software that is connected to the VGA port on my Vizio TV.. Once I verify that the avi file is good ad that the picture is of good quality as well as the sound, I delete the files on my local machine leaving the one remaining copy on my server.

It is a pretty good system and I can get most shows downloaded within an hour or two of them being broadcast on the east coast. They are from HD sources and have all the commercials cut out and are better quality than my TiVo. I think that this option may work best for me in the long run and save me the money of having to pay for Satellite service or rent/buy movies. Of course movies that I really like and support I will get actual DVD copies of, most of the stuff put out of the studios as of late has been pretty low quality and am glad that I haven’t purchased.

Case in point: Heroes. The first season was really good as well as the first part of the second season, but after that it has gone really down hill. I couldn’t even force myself to watch the second half of the first episode of this season. Instead, I used that time to start watching other programs like Eureka, Primeval and Skins. I enjoyed those programs and am enjoying Eureka at the moment. I am really looking forward to Kyle XY coming back on TV in January and Battlestar Galactica in March.

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