Must See

So, I have been watching a lot of movies lately and wanted to suggest a few to the masses. I will list what I have seen and what I think you should see of those.

A little movie from the here! network called Shelter. Awesome movie and everyone should watch it!
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Not a bad movie, if you like Indiana Jones, you will like this one.
Be Kind Rewind. I thought that this movie was going to be WAY funnier than it actually was. See it if you want to kill some time and you don’t mind OK, unrealistic humor.
George Carlin It’s Bad For Ya. See this but be warned that it was filmed at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa like 3 months ago before he died and the first part of his skit is about not being dead yet.
George Carlin Jammin in New York. Watch this one. It is funny and you can see how as much as things change over time, it also shows how much hasn’t changed in about 15 years.

I’m pretty sure that is it. Of the above, I highly suggest Shelter over the others.

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