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So, I finally decided to do what I have been wanting to do for a while now – make a garage room! So, I have spent the last 5-6 days doing that. It was a little hard at first considering that I was sick for 2 of the days, had work and other stuff to do as well. But, I am happy to say that I have completed it as much as it will be completed until finances work out a little better (and before Winter ’08 comes).

Doing this did a number of things; first, it made it so Kohl and I had our own separate space which will help in the long run I am certain. Second, it made it so I have a LOT more room. I love having a lot of room and space. Third, it made it so I can be a lazy ass and not have to go up stairs for shit. It also allows me to have “the biggest window in the house” (the garage door) to enjoy the nice weather (when it comes around again), the thunderstorms (that was cool) and the rain (which I have missed).

Before winter arrives (hell, before summer gets into full swing), I will have to build an insulated wall between me and the garage door. There is just too much air that comes through to make it affordable to heat and air condition the room.

Over the last couple of days off, I have caught up on a few things that I had been wanting to do for a while now. First, work for I have not logged any hours with them for going on two months at this point, and even by my standards, that sucks! Then, I got Photoshop CS3 running on my computer again finally! I was having some strange issue with it not wanting to activate and run correctly. Some Googling and 2 hours later, it was working!

On the personal front, I decided that I want to say single again for a while. Steve was not too happy to hear about this and I don’t really blame him, but like I told him – you have to do what you think is best for you and the rest will fall into place when/if it was meant to.

Kohl and I took Beth to the airport on Wednesday and I spoke with her today and it looks like she is done picking up most of the stuff for her wedding now and she shouldn’t have to make anymore trips to California for a while (THANK GOD!). Now, I just have to wait for her to get back and we can go to Rochester and pick out what I am going to have to wear for her wedding.

Well, I am not sure what else I want to write here at the moment, but I am sure that I will take some more time to update this site as I have time (which I hope to have more of here in the next couple of months).

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