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Ok, so everyone that I host a blog for (Beth, Laura and Kohl), I have updated your wordpress installs to 2.2.1 today because of the following registration:

New user registration on your blog

Username: xdfsd45oi


Apparently this bot goes to all wordpress installs, creates an account and can delete your entire website. I have removed his account from all of your installs and updated to the latest wordpress to make sure that he can’t delete your sites. Happy 4th of July!

2 thoughts on “Blog updates”

  1. Actually that bug was removed several versions ago; the bot was just never killed. It could be used for spamming though.

    I’ve deleted two seperate users with that email address in the last month. First one was xdfsd45oi and the second was aaabbb.

    I’m hunting for a plugin that can disallow registration based on email or IP. If I find one I’ll post a link here.

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