I’m Chris Hansen…….

So how has everyone been? I have been pretty good lately. First off, two people at my work (one, a former employee, the other a long time employee) think that I would be (or was already) a good senior tech. I would LOVE to have a senior tech position. I love doing tickets and learning new stuff, and that would b a lot of that. I already have a lot of people coming to my cube asking me questions, even people who have been there a long time. Maybe after my review in February it will happen. We will have to wait and see.

The couple of days after Christmas was really sparsely covered and was really crazy at work, but I had my MacBook at my side to keep me company and not stress out. I was able to start chatting with this guy Ross online. It is an interesting story with Ross. The first time he ever communicated with me was on MySpace and it was a message saying that I should come to Cloverdale to get the best head of my life. I was like who are you? Well, he ended up being drunk that night and thought that I was hot and so we messaged back and fourth for a while and finally started text messaging back and fourth for the last couple of days.

So when I got off work last night (at 9), Beth came over and we chatted for a while and she got music on her iPod from my music library and watched some Battlestar Galactica until Laura got there about 10. Beth then proceeded to highlight and cut my hair (which really needed a trim) and Ross was texting me back and fourth and even called me up to talk for a bit. After the shenanigans with coloring my hair were over, I walked Laura out to her car and took Beth home.

Chris Hansen

On my way to Beth’s house, Ross and I were texting and I thought that it would be fun to go up and meet him since I really wanted him to go with us to San Francisco on Tuesday. Well, I drove my happy butt up to Cloverdale and met him. When he came out of his house, I was like DAMN!, that boy is way hotter than I thought before.

So we drove around in circles and talked about ourselves and we found ourselves parking at a park and chatting and then we started making out. Wow, he is a good kisser! The good news is that we were both a little rusty on the kissing and so we were laughing about that. So we got out of the car to better have a makeout session and it was just WAY too damn cold, so we went back to the car.

We sat in the back seat and made out some more and “shirts came off” as Laura would say, except in this case it was just his shirt and he took it off and we made out some more and it got hot an heavy. I then proceeded to do something that was the “heat of the moment” and we both regret and we made out a bit more and I let him drive back to his house and we said goodnight.

He an I seemed to get along really well, and I think we will definitely hang out again. He is a little concerned about that few minutes where we were in the heat of the moment, but I am pretty sure that we will both get over it. I definitely look forward to hanging out with him again and going on some wild adventure.

UPDATE: Apparently he was a little freaked out by the situation and thinks that we should no longer talk to each other. Oh, well, it is for the best.

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