So for the second time in a few months I am moving my desk today at work. This will not be my last move however. In the next few months, we are getting new cubes all together, and EVERYONE will be moving. It makes me sad to move at all. I was really happy where I was sitting. But, if I get my way, I can move just across the hall to be diagonal from JDF and across the hall from HTT. I suppose it will be for the best. We will see.

The thing that sucks most is that I just moved my cube around to how it is now and I have to move it all over again. Oh well, it will get me out of the phone queue for about an hour today. First hour of work = tech meeting, second hour = moving cubes, third hour = taking calls, fourth hour = lunch, fifth – ninth hour = calls. It should be a good day (said being cautiously optimistic.

In other news, it is just under 2 weeks away before we go to Disneyland. I need to find a countdown of some sort. Found one and you can see it over there ->

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