From Disneyland to the Datacenter

Well, Kohl, Laura and I have our tickets for Disneyland at the beginning at the next part of next month. I am looking forward to it as I have not been since August of 2005, which will make it 14 months since my last trip there. Since my last trip there, here is what has changed:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Haunted Mansion (which I still will not see because of HHH)
  • Monsters, Inc ride in California Adventure
  • Tomorrowland (Various Changes)

I am really looking forward to seeing all these changes. I am also happy to see that 3 of the 5? days that we will be in Disneyland it is opened until midnight. I am also looking forward to seeing Remember, Dreams Come True Fireworks again. This will be the first trip for Charise to Disneyland, although she has been to Disney World before. I hope she likes it.

Speaking of Disney World, my oldest brother Darin may be flying us to Georgia in the spring to go to Disney World! I am looking forward to it, but we will see.

In other news, my mom is back from Georgia, where she had a great time. During her absence, we cleaned the house up, got rid of the cat and all got along!

Kohl ahas been taking a lot of pictures that are looking better and better. They look really professional.

I no longer have to take my computer to work as I got the Mac Mini from JDFs cube as my primary workstation and was able to keep my Win 2000 box for uses such as CPSOS and ASI Magic. I was able to get some RAM upgraded in this machine as well. 512 now, up from 256.

Which reminds me; I was able to acquire a 2U rack server that I should be able to place in the data center soon! I am really looking forward to that. I had to bug a few people here at work for it, but it is mine now! I hope to transfer this site as well as many other things to this server as soon as I have it up and running off of my home DSL connection.

2 thoughts on “From Disneyland to the Datacenter”

  1. wow thats a long time! I haven’t been since Feb. and that seems like FOREVER ago. the monsters inc ride is super cute and smell-tastic!! I am starting to miss my dear Disneyland. i am trying to get matty to fanagle a trip to Disney World eventually but it sucks having bills and rent and a small dog cuz you can’t just up and leave randomly. oh well!!
    which motel r u guys staying at?

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