Recent happenings…

Well, I won an award at work on Friday for Most Positive Customer Feedback. With it I got a gift card. Most people that get this award get like $75 and I got $150!!! I kick ass.

I have just started chatting with this guy online, Ian, who I think is cute and would like to have him as a friend. I need more friends. He seems really cool. I type way more than he does and apparently way faster, so it kind of feels one sided. Oh, well.

A lot is happening in the next few weeks. I am going to go see Pirates again on Tuesday (possibly) and take my mom to the airport on Friday in the AM. Then we can clean the house (maybe) and go to the flea market and sell shit. That should give us enough money to go to Disneyland like I want to.

Maybe I will invite the new buddy (if he ends up being the new buddy) to go with us. We will see.

That is all for now.

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