Another update (long overdue)

Well, for my birthday Laura purchased 2GB of RAM for my new Mac Mini. Does it scream now! I can load my 3000 images in iPhoto in 1/10 of the time and I can run Parallels Workstation on the system with Windows XP and it runs as fast (if not faster) than it did on my old system (the Toshiba Laptop). Thanks Laura!

Kohl and I have been fighting a lot lately and I fear that it will be over soon. I suppose that it is better to realize this now, and not draw things out forever. We will see what happens.

I also picked up some books recently. One on CSS styling, one on Linux Servers for the web and finally a Perl book. I want to use the CSS book to make this site much better (eventually), the Perl book to further my job at, and the Linux Servers book for the same reason and because I am running a Linux server off my DSL line here at home now.

At work I have been kicking butt! I have been consistantly doing 50+ tickets a day! Kavan likes to pick on me for the tickets that squeek back in requesting more information because I did not elaborate enough. That is ok, there are bound to be some tickets that come back when you do 600+ tickets a MONTH! Wow!

For now….

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