Almost 90 days.

So, my 90 days is almost up with, and I am adding services to my account. Soon, it looks like I will be able to migrate away from Vizaweb as my host. In the future, I think that I may upgrade to a colocation server at’s Datacenter. That would be rad, I would be running my own server!

For the first time in a good long while, I didn’t have to do the laundry. Kohl and Laura did it without me while I was at work the other day! That makes me happy. Kohl and I have been having some problems, but I think they are mostly out of the way now. Also, since working at, my typing speed has greatly improved. That also makes me happy.

Laura is going to be here soon, so I am going to have to do a better update later, as we have to go to her house and I will try to get her TiVo to work, if not we will need to get a new on from Best Buy. Until then, talk to you later.

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