Valentines day, and more stuff.

Well, since my last post on Feb 6, a lot has happened in my life. In no particular order…..:

I am still dating Kohl. I am falling for him more and more every day (if that is possible). On Sunday we went to the Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco and had good food. This was our Valentines Day dinner. We sat next to some drunk people who in the middle of dinner yelled that their friend liked pussy! It was funny. We also had this huge asian family that was celebrating their kids 18th birthday (she happened to be down with the syndrome). It was most ever fun times. On a side note to this, apparently Anthony was there that night, but didn’t eat there because the wait was too long, and one of Kohls work buddies saw us there on the balcony (possible kissing).

Work has been up and down. I am supposed to be interviewed for line manager this week (yeah, they keep saying that), but I am assured it is ACTUALLY going to happen this time. I failed my mystery cart, but it is okay, because it was planned to be that way (bastards).

Laura had a nervous breakdown about her birthday on a recent trip to the city, so that sucked.

I am not sure what else to talk about right now, because I need to shower and go to work, or I will be late. I will post more later, I hope.

2 thoughts on “Valentines day, and more stuff.”

  1. way to be!! You will get line manager cuz yer a cute cute cute gay manger and its in yer BLOOD! anthony is SO yesterday! Kohl is the best ever cuz hes not a shitty drama monger. make love not war.

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