I really don’t know how to feel or act around this new guy Charles. He seemes to be into me, and I really like him as well. I just haven’t gone down this rode for such a long time….do I remember how? It was such a great night in the city with him and my “bitches”. We seem to have a lot in common, and I think we may end up dating. I am just not sure how to get to that point, but I am sure that it will naturally happen, if it is meant to. Charles is going to stop by TRU tonight and say hi, so is Julie Simon apparently. We will see how it goes. I hope that we continue to hit it off, and if nothing else, we can be good buddies. He is truely a great guy!!

In other news, I am upset because Fox cancelled Playing it Straight, this Boy Meets Boy like show, after only three episodes! I wanted to know who was gay and who was straight damn it!! The Apprentice is down to the finale on Thursday, I can’t wait! They brought back the last few people that were fired to be on the finialists team to do the final task, and Amarosa is FUCKING EVERYTHING UP for Kwame’s team, and Bill is probably just going to flip out, so it looks like it is going to be close…

One thought on “Wow……”

  1. well lookie it’s The Bagel’s first LJ typo!!! i will revel in the beauty of it. heheh it’s “been down that road.” dude most ever apprentice-ness!!! i must see the finale or i will die a thousand deaths!*twitch*

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