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This may be the last post I do on LiveJournal. I am going to be keeping an online journal elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “Last post”

  1. What? Why? How come? I am so devestated and confused… Well, if you do journal elsewhere, let me know what it is, ok?

  2. i totally think that’s a good idea. emreso, if he were to tell people where his new journal was, it would kill the whole point of getting a new one. it’s really wise to get away from this LiveJournal gimmick if it is causing problems, stress, issues, etc. tage is on a train to somewhere new, somewhere different. go go tage!!

  3. I didn’t know that having a livejournal was causing angst for Tage, so that is why i inquired about his new one, m’kay?

  4. There’s something like LJ, only it’s called DeadJournal. I’ve never used it, but I know of it. It probably doesn’t have all the hype that LJ has…try it if you’re curious. But I’m gonna be a sad panda so see u leave my buddy list!!

  5. I do see paid account under your account type…me thinks it would be a waste for you to have this and not use it…i would use it till the term is up…but hell its up to you.

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