Contrary to poular belief….

I AN NOT DEAD! Yes, I did have to go to the hospital for MAJOR abdomen pain. I got antibiotics, and went home to sleep like all day, then when I got up around midnight, I organized all my MP3’s and loaded them onto my iPOD, and now I am going to sleep some more, because I am still feeling ill.

PS – It was like the worst pain that I have ever had that lasted from about 1PM to 4PM. It sucked MAJOR ass! I puked a lot too…

7 thoughts on “Contrary to poular belief….”

  1. Oh Tage, I hope you are doing better. Nathaniel’s brother had the exact same systems this week. Take care of you.

  2. i wanna get sick so that i can have all these comments on an LJ post! im glad that you got to experience this abdominal pain. be like an undertaker and DIG IT. heh…by the way, did you learn what the cause of this abdominal pain was? im curious, as usual. let me know if you feel up to it. if you don’t feel up to it, then don’t let me know.

  3. *sarcastic* Well I’m glad you asked. *pretends to ram her metal high heel into his belly* Oh gosh Zack why haven’t I realized that you’re THAT psychotic!! Must be the LSD you’re into, or you’re more into hurting yourself than I thought. Yikes… Did u know that if u take LSD more than 5 times or something like that you’re legally insane?

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