Clarification for all..

Everytime that I don’t do something, or do something, people seem to try to decipher the reason for my action or lack thereof. People need to stop doing this. Last night, for example, Mike called and left me a message inviting me to go ice skating. He then called back an hour later telling me that Beth wasn’t going to be there, if that is what was stopping me. It wasn’t. I have spoken to Javier and Mike about my ice skating situation, and why I don’t go. Why can’t people just seem to understand??? Also, Beth, it is not any ONE thing that you have done, it is a lot of things. I am tired of all of my friends causing undue conflicts in my life. It is ridiculous. Javier is the only person that has tried to STOP conflicts from happening, BEFORE they happen. This has been very much appreciated. Laura needs to stop worrying that I am mad at her. I am trying to chill out right now. I am getting back into doing my computer “stuff” which requires a lot of alone time.

I just keep getting upset by the things that all the people that I care about (friends) do, it is becoming unhealthy for me and for them. I need to stop. I can’t stop, so I will get rid of the problem. I have tried to explain this to everyone, but nobody seems to understand. Sorry.

The End for Now…..

2 thoughts on “Clarification for all..”

  1. im glad that you are doing your time alone computer gig. it’s really good and really needed. i won’t bother you (i hope i haven’t in recent times). i’ll just say “hello” and smile. heh…enjoy everything you have.

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