4 thoughts on “Me and Jess”

  1. Hi. You have me down as one of you friends and I read your journal tonight and OH MY GOD! I know Jess!!! Me and him were really good friends his freshmen my sophmore year. Funny story, we liked each other that time but the other one didn’t know. Needless to say nothing happened. Based on what I’ve read and the pictures you guys seem very cute together. I don’t know you at all but I am very glad that you’re happy. I am glad when anyone is happy and with someone that makes them feel that good. Jess is a total sweetheart. I don’t talk to him much anymore but I miss the kid. I think I will talk to him tomorrow. Well have a good night!

    PS HI! My name is Jisaela

  2. Well hi Jisaela, my name is Tage. Thanks for the positive input about Jess. I have you down as one of my friends because I did a search on Live Journal and read a couple of your posts, and you seemed interesting. So there you have it. About me a little: I work at the Roxy and am one of the managers, so if you ever want passes to see something, you should come see me! Talk to you and/or read about you later.

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