With a capital T and that rhymes with B and that stands for BOYFRIEND

Well Jess is officially my boyfriend! I am sooooo happy! I haven’t felt this way for a long time. I really connect with Jess on a deep level, it is very strange. Yesterday was Kevin and my brother Brian’s birthday, and I had totally forgotten. Jess called me when I was getting ready for work to talk to me and then decided that we should be going out. So we are now!! I was soooo happy! I was prancing around all night at work, and getting along with everyone! It was so kewl. I had a few conversations with Danniel and I felt really good to be chatting with him again and not having any ill feelings torward him. I was really jazzed about that.

After work Beth, Zack and I went to K-Rows. On the way I called Jess and made him go with us. We hung out from 1 to 2:30, then I took him home. Jess is going to stay over on Saturday night, then on Sunday we are going to breakfast in Occidental. I can’t wait! Jess has put me in this new plane of existance and wellbeing. I am very excited about the direction I am headed in now with everything. On that note: Joseph seems to be spazzing out about the Jess issue. I was talking to Zack about it, and I said boyfriend and Joseph went running off with his panties in a furl. He almost killed himself trying to get his bike out the breakroom door.

Anywhayz – I am going to go and run some errands, and then go to work Friday night (YAY). Until later LJ….

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