Power Transfer in Progress…..

Beth and I did the most random thing: We went to the City and saw a drag show!! That was the most fun ever! This was of course after we took Muni from the Metreon to the Castro, and then afterwards we walked the three miles back to the Metreon. It was fun!

I worked in the Cafe with Jill, and did the ordering and schedule, etc. I came home and almost went to sleep, when Ben called me. We had a 2 hour long converstion about a lot of things. It was a nice conversation. I feel really close to him now, not love or anything, but a strange close bond. So I got off the phone and took a shower, and went to Joyous’ house to get her, and she was asleep, so I went to the theatre and talked to Beth and stuff. John and I went to K-Rows and ate a little, and we talked a bit, and Maya showed up. Then I went and picked up Beth and Zack. We then took a random road trip to Shokawa Casino. I won $50 on $20, but left with $28.

This was my day off. I woke up and took Beth and Zack to work on no sleep. Then I went and did Laundry. I slept until 4:30and then I went to the Roxy. Beth, Joyous and I went to the Olive Garden. Most fun ever. The we went back to the Roxy and saw Confessions of a Dangerous Mind with Barrett. That was a little akward. We went to K-Rows and saw Mandie, Jill and Rita there and they made fun of my girlish fighting.

I woke up late, and went and got my car washed professionally, it looks great now. I talked to Kevin about a lot. I went home and got ready for work. I was supposed to be projection, but switched with Ben to be Box Office. I ended up managing Ben and Joel. It was a good night, and I finagled Rita into letting me leave for like 20 mins to give Ben a ride home. It was very nice. I wish I could have given him a hug, but I think that I will let him make the moves. I went back to work, finished up, and went home. I got home and Joyous and Beth called, and begged me to go and see Final Destination, so I gave in, and we saw it. Damn it was a gruesom movie. Then we went to K-Rows and ate a little, then we all went home.

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