SF is tons better with Beth! :-)

Last night we went to San Francisco with Ben, Joyous (my ex-girlfriend) and Laura. It wasn’t as fun as going with Beth and Anne, because they weren’t as goobery, and didn’t understand the significance of the inside jokes. Ben was tired the whole time, and didn’t want to talk about anything because he wasn’t drunk. That sucked, but on the way back home we got a lot out of him. He has had a lot of sex in his life (both straight and gay) and only when he is drunk. I will need to get him out of this habit. He is so cute and I just wanted to kiss him all night. He is so HOT. I have a pic and I will post it when I get my camera out of the car. We dropped off Ben, and Joyous, Laura and I went to K-Rows. We ate, and I drove everyone home. Sunday will be fun. After work we are going to San Francisco to the bar on castro and drinking. It is going to be me, Ben, Laura and Joyous. We are also going to go to the cemetary by Joyous’ house, and she is going to tell us all these kewl stories. KEWLIO! I don’t really know what to think about Ben, but I guess it is kewl.

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