I do, I do!!!

Well, I am back at home in Santa Rosa. Disneyland was fun, but I was really looking forward to coming home and spending some time with my homiez. I still need to spend time with Beth, but my night with Richard was the best night I have had in a REALLY, REALLY LONG time. It was so great. I gave him his gift that I got him from Disneyland, showed him a downloaded version of the fireworks that were at Disneyland, and layed together. It was the best ever!!! Thanks Beth for teaching me that term “Best Ever” I didn’t really know what it meant until you and I went to Disneyland together, but now even more so that I am with Richard. I love him so much, and you know what? He loves me too. He is the best boyfriend that I have ever had! He is so nice, considerate, and sweet. He is the most beautiful human being ever (Beth, you are up there as well). Why couldn’t I have found him sooner? God, I just want to melt in his arms. Then…. he told me that he might move to Hawaii next year! NOOOOOOOOOO! I can’t live without him. Please don’t leave. I just want to spend the rest of my life with someone exactly like Richard, and I hope he wants to as well, because then it is done. The search is over, I no longer need to find anyone else. He fills all my needs. I hope that I can live up to his expectations as well. I am in such a better mood now. I think that Richard has made me an even better person than I was before. He is a change for the BEST. I can’t wait to see/experience the things we are going to do together! I have waited all my life for someone as great as this. I hope that it is not a nightmare in disguise. How can it be, you ask? Something this good is so hard to believe in, but it is happeneing. YIPPIE!!! Well, I will talk to all you guys later. I have to clean my room, call y’all and take a shower, get to work early (hopefully avoid Danniel at all costs, and get to be either Floater (I hope) or box manager to make Beth happy.

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