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Well I am writing this from work right now. We finally got the tensa-barriers and I played with them for a while, then put them away. Danniel told Rita that he knew of Richard. She said that he seemed like he was a little upset. FINALLY, he shows some form of emotion!! Well, it is too late now. I can’t wait until after work. I am going to go get Beth and go to K-Rows!! I get to see Richard for the last time for a couple of days. *whine* I hope that Beth and everyone doesn’t expect me to play Treasure Planet tonight. I need to get to bed at a resonable hour tonight, because I need to get up and go get Thanksgiving stuff with my mom. I also need to clean my room some more, and try to find my reciept for my camcorder. Richard may be moving out of his house (which makes me want to move in with him, but people, and possibly Richard, might think that was weird.) I have always wanted to live with the person that I loved. Oh, well. I will be patient and wait until things “fall into place” and it will just happen. I actually have work to do, so I will write more later. I hope Richard calls…. Later

4 thoughts on “From work”

  1. dude, treasure planet come out tomorrow and i don’t have a ticket. or a day off. and i misspell stuff and don’t fix it so much because i am lazy now with this um…. sily head of mine right now. yeah okay.

  2. NO if ya move in with him it will be bad…relationships die when ya live me!I’ve been ther . tyson and i where so in love for so long and then BLAMMMO! it was over!please be prudent!

  3. dude, your relationship with tyson was over LONG before he started mooching off of you. (it’s not LIVING TOGEETHER

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