Well, lets see here:
Rent: $1295
Phone + DSL: $89 (approx)
Electricity: $80 (if anything like my mom’s bill)
Food: $300 (should be about a months worth (I hope))
Gas: $50
Total: $1814 a month
Split between 3 people (cause we will have to share all expenses: $605 a month.

If I get paid anything like I get paid now (yeah, right, maybe two jobs, one Disneyland, and the other who knows what) I should have around $400 to spend a month after all that.

Most likely I will only have like $150 at the most to spend. Oh, well. It seems attainable, at least for now. We will have to see. Erin, Beth let me know your thoughts. You lived together before, and know more about costs than I, does this seem about right? Let me know. Later all.

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