Damn it, back to the real world…

I feel like the end of the Disneyland Railroad. And now we return to the 20th century and Main Street, Disneyland, USA. But it would be, And now we return to Life, Santa Rosa, CA. Oh, well. I need to plan another trip (this will be 4 in one year!!!) I am not sure who wants to go, but if you are interested please comment, and I will add you to the list. Well, Beth and I had a lot of fun in Disneyland. I am a little upset about the fact that the Churro boy didn’t call me, but I made a post on a website about Disneyland about policy on this sort of thing, and got this response:

“I heard they discurage it, but if he was off the clock and out of uniform there should be no problem. Perhaps he was taken? Or just shy? Perhaps you were the wrong sex? Or if he was new he could have been following the rules to the letter, worried about getting caught. Or had plans after work. Or, if he was that nice/cute you could have been the 5th invitation of the day. Who knows what makes people work…………………”

Well maybe I was the 5th invitation. I can only hope. I hope that he gets a good grade on his “paper” that he had to finish. Well, I had a very kewl talk with Beth on the way home about a lot of different stuff. Work: Training. We really need to do something about this, and I decided that this is something that I am going to work on very hard. It will happen, and I have lots of ways to do it. Relationships: Maybe I shouldn’t be in one right now, I dunno. I kind of feel like I should take a break, but not at the same time, oh well. If anyone would like to see our pictures from Disneyland, you can see them here: Pictures List. Just click on the file name, and you can see them. They are pretty funny. Feel free to comment on them. Well, I guess that I should wrap up this LJ entry, or nobody will want to read this much. We will see.

4 thoughts on “Damn it, back to the real world…”

  1. Dude! Speaking of training…

    I was ushering this weekend, with Marshall and Kubo and we were all WORKING, like, you know, you do when you go to work…and this girl was there, named Cathy, I think. She’s worked for the Roxy before, but I’d never met her, and she was women’s restroom, and all she did all day was walk into theaters with us, and proceed to SIT DOWN and STARE as we all did work and she did not. I was like…um, kay, you’re not really getting what we do here. Now, I am not a prude, but some people just push things a little bit too much. I happen to like doing things when I’m at work as opposed to staring around in absolute SILENCE.

    PS. So thaaaat’s why you wanted churros! It alllll fits into place now… Nothing like them HOT Churros!

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