Another Day…..

Well, I took Ronald out to dinner at K-Rows with Beth and I last night. That was fun, until John, an old Roxy employee) showed up. That sucked. I hated him when he worked for the theatre, and I still hate him. Touting how much he makes at Costco, and shit. Kiss my ass. I wanted to kill myself with a stick, and I wanted him to die in a hotel fire. Oh, well. I called Danniel’s cell phone, and left him a message that went something like:

“Hi, this is Tage. I am just calling to see if you are alive. Thanks for calling me and letting me know that you were still alive. I still don;t even know if you are dead or not. Well, if you are, in fact, still alive, call me. Well, I hope that you are okay. I love you, Tage.”

Then checked my e-mail and got this: (sent Sat night, I called sun morn.)

sorry i didn’t call, we didn’t get down here until 5:00. we made it
alright and i will talk to you or wright you soon.

Oh well. Moving to LA is something that I definately think is going to happen. That is strange. I have never seriously thought of moving out. That is weird. DISNEYLAND here I come!! I need to clean my room. I have today and tomorrow off. I should get some shit done around my house. Later allz…

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